New coin XBT added to Free coins | Dex-Trade

New coin XBT added to Free coins | Dex-Trade

XBT in Free coins!


Dear Dex-traders

We are glad to inform you about the XBT in our FREE tab.

In addition to the ARMX and MER, you can also get XBT in a couple of simple steps just right now!


 ("Be the first and get your XBT!The airdrop program of Xbit will give users 10 dollars to play at Xbit gaming platform!
To get this bonus, users need to send only 1 Xbit Coin, which they can get from one of the exchanges that have listed Xbit Coin.
And then you will receive 10 dollars bonus in the form of Xbit Bonus Token (XBB), which can be used to play at Xbit gaming platform.
Through this, users can get 1000 times the value of that coin and get a bonus of 10 dollars. This bonus will be given only once per account.
These 10 dollars are given as a bonus credit. You can play with this money and win more money. Then you can withdraw your winnings. So you can even withdraw more money than you received." - Read more - Watch more

Your lovely Dex-trade team