Demo trading
is the key to successful strategies

Demo Trading
check 0% risk
Hone trading strategies without the risk of losing assets
check $1 000 000 Free
The total value of the demo coins you will receive
check Real time
The demo tool is tied to real-time data
check 10 trading pairs
Trade the most popular trading instruments

About Demo trading

We introduced a unique technology, with the help of which you can test your trader’s skills and improve your trading strategies with no risks to your funds.
By and large, Demo trading is practically a separate exchange with full functionality, real trades and quotations, but without using real money.
Each client is credited with a certain number of demo coins for trading on any pair presented in the section.
The letter "d" in the coin name is the demo pair identifier for your convenience.

Get Free Demo Coins on your Balance

Bitcoin Demo
1 BTCd
Ethereum Demo
25 ETHd
Tether Demo
10,000 USDTd
Ripple Demo
40,000 XRPd
Bitcoin Cash Demo
40 BCHd

Currency pairs for Demo trading

Can't find the currency you need?

As you can see, the choice is quite large. However, if you think it is necessary to add a certain coin listed on our exchange, feel free to text us.
In case the coin you need is not listed here, but in your opinion is worth being added, we will consider your offer. If the coin meets our requirements, we will contact the project owners and offer them to list the coin on our exchange.

The icing on the cake.

In addition to the fact that you can explore the exciting world of crypto without risking your money and improve your trading strategies, you can take part in championships that will be held on demo pairs.
Demo trading is not only interesting and useful, but also quite gambling! Using fake balances, you can win a real substantial prize fund!
Each championship will be announced in the news on the website and in our social networks.
Learn, improve, enjoy!
Wishing you high profits!
In the meantime, we are thinking of something else interesting for you. 😉

Always at hand

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