Trade and win $10000 Worth YSKF token

Trade and win $10000 Worth YSKF token

1st Prize 25 YSKF  

2nd Prize 20 YSKF  

3rd Prize 10 YSKF 

4th Prize 7.5 YSKF 

5th Prize 7.5 YSKF 

6th Prize 6 YSKF

7th Prize 6 YSKF

8th Prize 6 YSKF

9th Prize 6 YSKF

10th Prize 6 YSKF

Terms&Conditions : 

- Activity Time Period:2020.12.11 13:00 - 2020.12.21 13:00 (UTC+0)
- Effective Transaction Volume:Trading volume of at least 20 YSKF. Self-buy-self-sell will not be calculated. 
- During activities, if anyone is found to have any misconduct like swiping volume, mass production of alt accounts, self buy self sell, etc., will cancel its eligibility.
- Bonus Distribution:All bonus will be distributed in 3 days after the end up of this activity.