STOPSCAM with Dex-Trade

STOPSCAM with Dex-Trade

Our dedicated team is on the front lines, tirelessly combating fraudsters exploiting the Dex-Trade name for illegal activities.

You can familiarize yourself with the first part of our program here:

Since launching our program, numerous users have reached out to us after encountering fraudulent activities. The schemes used by fraudsters are constantly evolving, but so are our team and our counteraction program. 

It's important to note that some user reports show that users almost independently transfer various amounts to fraudsters without verifying their information on official resources.

Therefore, we want to remind you once again of the personal safety rules that will help you protect yourself and your money from fraudsters, rendering all their efforts futile.


To protect yourself from fraudsters, the following will undoubtedly help:


1. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Secure your account with 2FA to add a robust layer of defense  against unauthorized access besides your password.

2. Complex Passwords: Create unique and complex passwords for each site and service. Use a password manager to store them.

3. URL Verification: Always make sure you are on the real exchange site, not a phishing one. Check the URL in the browser's address bar. Our address is


4. Phishing Methods Knowledge: Never enter your credentials on suspicious sites or in response to suspicious emails/messages.

5. Access Control to Information: Do not share your credentials and do not allow third parties to access your account.

6. Regular Account Checks: Regularly check the transaction history on your account for unusual transactions or activity.

7. Caution in Transactions: Be cautious when making transactions, especially with strangers. Use the transaction protection tools offered by the exchange itself.


8. Official Apps and Software Sources Knowledge: Download applications and software only from official sites and app stores.

Use only official Dex-Trade apps installed from official app stores. Do not install third-party apps. Currently, apps for iOS and Android are available. 


If you are offered any additional benefit or discounts on our services for installation from any source other than these – they are fraudsters! Immediately cease communication and inform us as soon as possible at our support team, or by email at [email protected]

For your convenience, download links can be found on our main page


9. Verify Information Sources: Always confirm the authenticity of information from those claiming to represent our company or exchange, protecting yourself from potential deceit. This can be done, for example, by directly contacting our company through official communication channels. Our 24/7/365 support will answer all your queries. If you are unsure about something, or suspect that you are being scammed - it's better to ask us! You can contact us on our website at, in our Telegram channel, through other messengers located at the bottom of our main page, and also in the lower right corner of our main page: 

10. Ignoring Unexpected Offers: Be especially wary if you receive unexpected offers from individuals claiming to represent well-known companies or exchanges. Remember! We never call you, ask for your contact details, access to your accounts and/or devices, or any other information regarding access to your personal data! We do not remotely set up your accounts using remote management software! If you are offered something from the list above or similar – they are fraudsters! 


11. License and Certificate Verification: Ensure that the company or platform has all the necessary licenses and certificates to operate.


12. Caution with Payments: Be cautious with requests for advance payments or deposits, especially if they come from unfamiliar individuals claiming affiliation with well-known companies or exchanges. Attention! We do not take any payment for service, access to our resource, or receiving any additional benefits from using our platform! Dex-Trade is not involved in the development of projects hosted on our platform and does not participate in managing them, fundraising for development, or any other actions that imply payment. All actions with projects are carried out exclusively by the teams of these projects and are regulated by the rules of our platform and laws.


13. Critical Thinking: Question offers that are too good to be true, especially if they require urgent actions or investments on your part. Fraudsters often use artificial pressure tactics to prompt victims to act.


14. Education and Awareness: Regularly update your knowledge about fraud and deception methods. Many companies and organizations offer useful security resources and guides for their users.


15. Using Secure Networks: When accessing financial services and exchanges, use secure and protected networks. Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks for financial transactions.


16. Attention to Details: Pay attention to small details in emails, messages, and on websites. Typos, strange email addresses, and unprofessional design can be signs of fraud.


Following these rules will help you protect yourself from fraudsters and scammers, as well as those who illegally use the names of well-known companies for their criminal purposes. Be vigilant and always verify information to safeguard your funds and personal data!

Encounter suspicious activity or fraud? Act fast! Alert our support team immediately to help us safeguard our community at, [email protected], and the appropriate law enforcement authorities. Your information can help prevent fraud against other users!


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