Restrictions For Russian Users

Restrictions For Russian Users



Dear Dex-Traders,

With the outbreak of open military hostilities between Russia and Ukraine and the announcement by governments around the world of sanctions and other retaliatory actions to be applied against Russia, we want to restate our prior warnings regarding assets in your account that may be significantly impacted by either market and/or geopolitical events.

Russia will be added to the list of countries from which users will not be able to pass KYC. Also, users with Russian residency (or residency in the parts of Ukraine subject to sanctions imposed by various governments) may be blocked from accessing their Dex-Trade account or effecting transactions (including deposits or withdrawals). Users should also consider the possibility of a technical block applied to the international internet infrastructure impacting the ability to access your Dex-Trade account(s).  

We strongly urge all clients to recognize that the current situation between Russia/Ukraine is a military conflict of a substantial scale. 

In no case will Dex-Trade be responsible for losses or damages of any nature resulting from political or market-driven impacts, so we urge all Dex-Trade clients to consider their exposure to this conflict and to take immediate steps to mitigate such risks as they deem appropriate.