R223 Review | Unique Opportunity to get Free R223

R223 Review | Unique Opportunity to get Free R223

You have a unique chance to get some R223 coins for free!

Please pay attention!!! To ensure that only those who watched the video will participate in the airdrop the conditions have changed.


You need to combine 4 parts of the promo code + USER NAME + YOUR COUNTRY
To get free R223 coins you need to leave a comment with the promo code from the new video along with your username + the country of your origin under the post on the screenshot in the video (one comment per user; only the first 100 comments get free coins)
After evaluation of our team, free R223 will be on your wallet on dex-trade.



The number of coins is limited. First come, first get!

R223 website: https://www.r223.io/
Our web-site: https://dex-trade.com/