MKB Trading Competition, 2000 in MKB to Give Away

Be the first trader and complete a trade with at least 100 MKB

Trade MKB/USDT to Share 2000 MKB

This trading Competition will last from
 2021/05/11 08:00 AM  to 2021/02/13 15.00PM (UTC).

Only the top 30 traders will receive the bonus of 2000 in MKB. It's all based on their MKB trading volume during the competition period.
This includes buys and sells across both MKB/USDT trading pairs

1st Place: 300 MKB 
2nd Place: 200 MKB 
3rd Place: 100 MKB 
4th-30th:   51.81 MKB


Terms & Conditions:

Trading volume counts both buys and sells, excluding any wash trades.
The prize will be distributed to winner's account within 7 workdays.
Wash trading and any cheating conduct not allowed

Hurry up!

Published: 2021-05-11