KYC verification on DEX-TRADE in a few clicks!

KYC verification on DEX-TRADE in a few clicks!

KYC verification on DEX-TRADE in a few clicks! 

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To successfully pass the verification, you should upload to the platform the following documents:

1. A passport, ID, or driver's license with your name in English to confirm your identity.
2. A photo where you are holding your document and a piece of paper with the handwritten date and name of our platform (an example is attached)
3. A bank account statement, utility bill (electricity, water, internet, etc.) in English with your name, or any other document to confirm your address. You may submit a picture of a hard copy bill or a PDF of a paperless bill.

To make the process of passing verification (KYC) easier for you we want to share the TOP 6 MISTAKES while passing KYC.

1. Incorrect selfie format.

You must upload a selfie, holding BOTH a document and a paper with a hand-written today’s date and the platform name. Make sure you indicate the correct date!

2. Expired documents

Double-check the validity of your documents. If the date is expired, your document will be rejected.

3. Incorrect Address

Please, make sure the address indicated in your ID card/passport is the same as the address you manually enter while filling in your personal information. Otherwise we won’t be able to verify it.

4. Low document quality

Unfortunately,  sometimes we have to reject your documents for the reason that the phono is cropped or blurred. Poor quality photos can not be approved.

5. No screenshots and black and white copies

Do not upload the screenshots of your documents  or the black and white scanned docs. Both will be automatically rejected.

6. Name in the documents differs from your account name

Please, make sure the name you indicated in your account information and the name in your documents are the same. Pay attention to the spelling mistakes and correct transliteration. Do not upload the documents that doesn’t belong to you.