Crack the Code this Easter with Dex-Trade's Airdrop Challenge!

Crack the Code this Easter with Dex-Trade's Airdrop Challenge!

This Easter, Dex-Trade is turning the traditional egg hunt into an exciting code hunt, and you're invited! We've sprinkled hidden words across our website, and if you can find them and decipher the promocode, you could be one of 30 lucky winners to receive 1 USDT.


Here’s How to Participate:


1. Watch the Clue Video: We’ve hidden several words across two specific pages on our website. Your first task is to watch the attached video carefully to gather your clues.


2. Go on a Word Hunt: With clues in hand, visit our Bonus Center and Trading Page to find the hidden words.


3. Form the Promocode: Once you've found all the words, you'll be able to combine them into a promocode (combine the words without spacing).


4. Claim Your Reward: Head over to the Free Coins Page and enter the promocode. Act fast—only the first 30 participants to enter the code will win 1 USDT.


Easter is a time for joy and celebration, and what better way to do that than with a little bit of competitive fun? So, ready your investigative skills, and let the hunt begin!


Winners Announcement: 08/04/24


Stay tuned for the winners’ announcement next week and keep an eye out for more airdrop challenges and opportunities to win with Dex-Trade.


Happy Easter and Happy Hunting!