DINGOCION ama session finished on Dex-Trade

DINGOCION ama session finished on Dex-Trade

Dear Dex-Traders! 
Thank you for participating Dingocoin AMA session.  

I am sure you were active and interested, and DINGO will take root in our cozy community!

Now we want to reward you for your participation and sincere interest in the coin!

Right now, our employees are compiling lists of winners. These lists will be immediately transferred to the financiers.

This means that tomorrow, May 6, we will credit your Dex-Trade wallets with a reward, don't forget to check them out!

Be sure to include your Dex-Trade username in the comments to make it easier for us to find you and notify you when you receive your reward.

Hope everyone is happy!

Have a nice day and good luck with your trading.

Always yours, Nicholas.