Dex-Trade introduced Indian localization

Dex-Trade introduced Indian localization

Hello friends!


From today we have added the localization of our platform in Hindi.


Welcome our friends from India!


You can consider the investment attractiveness of the Health Care Coin (HCC) coin right now: Our friends are doing an excellent job both in terms of meaning and form - they help people most affected by the COVID-19 epidemic in India.


 They have already done a lot of useful things, which can be seen from their YouTube channel, the link to which you can find on their website:


We are very inspired by the civil feat of these guys and will do our best to ensure that their good deeds multiply both throughout India and around the world.


By investing in HCC, you not only get a very promising financial instrument, but also really help people in big trouble.

Who knows - maybe your dollar will save another child's life.


Let's do it together!