Arch Labs Gears Up for $7 Million to Build Bitcoin-Native Apps and Jack Dorsey's Bold Bitcoin Price Prediction

Arch Labs Gears Up for $7 Million to Build Bitcoin-Native Apps and Jack Dorsey's Bold Bitcoin Price Prediction

Arch Labs Raises $7M and Adds Bitcoin


In a huge step toward development that is truly native to Bitcoin, Arch Labs recently closed $7 million in funding to facilitate building decentralized finance applications natively on the Bitcoin blockchain. This should go some way toward enhancing the user experience through the removal of additional layers, which usually serve to complicate the experience and compromise security.


Multicoin Capital is leading the investment round, with other significant backers being Portal Ventures, OKX Ventures, and CMS Holdings. The new funds will allow Arch Labs to grow the development team and deploy more applications that can take advantage of Bitcoin's security and liquidity frameworks.


The core innovation of Arch Labs is ArchVM—an independently verifiable execution environment within the Bitcoin main chain. Unlike other Layer 2 solutions, ArchVM allows this kind of functionality without requiring users to bridge their assets, thereby keeping the Bitcoin main chain secure and sound.


As well, Arch Labs is preparing a public development network with the mainnet release to follow and be targeted for later in the year in advance to give early testers and future users space to explore the potential of this platform.


Jack Dorsey Predicts Bitcoin at $1 Million in 2030


At the same time, the other tech visionary, Jack Dorsey, has drawn an equally broad brush stroke in his prophecy: Bitcoin could rise in value to prices above $1 million in the next decade. Speaking at a recent interview, Dorsey articulated his belief in a better future for Bitcoin as a single monetary denomination. Collective value is accrued at the. Supporting this bullish forecast, there are also such heavyweights in their own circles as CEO of Ark Invest Cathie Wood and Fidelity Investments' Jurrien Timmer, who also give a similar forecast by mentioning they expect the value of Bitcoin to be somewhere between $1 million and $10 million in that very time frame.


Meanwhile, Dorsey is staying true to his roots and is a champion of decentralization. Recently stepping down from the board of Bluesky, Dorsey is doubling down on Nostr—a decentralized platform he says is truly an open-source protocol. His firm, Block, is the biggest Bitcoin investor and commits 10% of the firm's profits from its Bitcoin product to buy more Bitcoins every month.


Looking Ahead


These technological enhancements of Arch Labs, combined with Dorsey's bullish view on Bitcoin, cast a vivid energy on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investments. This will move even more potential pieces into their places to finally transform this landscape of digital finance in favor of superior security, scalability, and community-driven growth.