Crypto Market Overview June 28th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview June 28th | Dex-Trade

BTC Whales Prey On “Small Fish”: Comments by Peter Schiff

The head and founder of Euro Pacific Capital and SchiffGold, economist, wealth manager and podcaster Peter Schiff tweeted that Bitcoin whales are selling off their assets despite the rise in BTC, as they profit from its fall and are likely to expect a massive collapse before four-digit sums. Schiff, for example, believes that Bitcoin should fall to $8,000 in the near future. In his opinion, the current “dead cat bounce” is nothing more than a maneuver planned by the whales aimed at a short-term price boost to stimulate purchases of the flagship by the “small fish”, after which the currency should fall again, and the whales should accumulate new reserves at an attractive price. Approximately two weeks ago, one of the prominent Bitcoin evangelists, YouTuber Davinci Jeremy, asked Schiff to predict the price of Bitcoin in the foreseeable future. Schiff said at the time that he believes the leading digital currency will definitely never be worth $200,000, but a price around $2,000 is a realistic prediction for BTC. Recall that even earlier price forecasts for Bitcoin and Ethereum from a skeptical economist, which he announced at the beginning of this year, set the price of crypto gold to $20,000, and crypto silver to $1,000. Apparently, Schiff is guided by the situation and somehow does not take into account the fact that if whales can synthetically raise the price of BTC by thousands of dollars, then it would certainly be easier for them to make money on this.


Hackers Launder Stolen ETH Through Tornado Cash

According to blockchain security analyst PeckShield, the hacker group that hacked into the Harmony protocol and stole $100 million in altcoins from Horizon Bridge has begun money laundering and has already made three transactions totaling approximately 30,000 ETH (about $36 million) from the address exposed in the attack. June 23, to the Tornado Cash mixing service. At the same time, $64 million still remains in the wallet of hackers. At the moment, there are Wrapped Ethereum (WETH), AAVE, SUSHI, DAI, Tether and USD Coin (USDC) that were withdrawn using Harmony. However, the creators of the protocol claim that they have not recorded “evidence in any breaches of smart contract codes nor vulnerabilities on the Horizon platform.” Notably, Harmony Protocol announced this Saturday that it will pay out a $1 million reward in exchange for a safe return of $1 million in bridge money. However, today this proposal has disappeared from the information agenda of the company. After the incident, Harmony assured its customers that the theft did not affect its BTC bridge. Company representatives also announced the deployment of additional security measures in the ecosystem and cooperation with forensic experts and national authorities in order to find criminals and return money.


HTC Presented a New Crypto Smartphone

No matter how loud it sounds, but HTC introduced the Desire 22 Pro smartphone, which comes with a pre-installed Viverse application in the basic package, which provides navigation through the metaverse, as well as management of the owner’s cryptocurrency and NFT savings. The Viverse application in this model allows you to buy and sell NFTs in digital markets. In addition, users will be able to "create their own virtual space" and edit it in real time. Like previous HTC crypto backgrounds, the Desire 22 Pro also comes with a built-in crypto wallet for Ethereum and Polygon-based assets. The new gadget is optimized to work with the lightweight HTC Vive Flow VR headset with HDCP 2.2 connectivity, which can stream content wirelessly to the VR headset. In addition to this, the Vive Manager app allows you to set up and manage your virtual reality equipment. HTC has been actively promoting cryptography in smartphones since 2018, when the Exodus 1 was released — the first model with a built-in hardware crypto wallet and the ability to run a full Bbitcoin node. And now, just 4 years later, we plunged into deep VR…