Crypto Market Overview April 28th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview April 28th | Dex-Trade

StandAgainstWar: Fresh NFT Project to Help Ukraine

The StandAgainstWar project has launched a website with a collection of NFT characters called "Peaceful Nightingales," money from the purchase of which will be collected in an anti-war fund that sponsors the fight against the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine due to the aggressive military invasion of the country by the occupation forces of the RF. The collection consists of 10,000 "Peace Nightingales," each of which, upon purchase, becomes a buyer's avatar, symbolizing the help of its owner and motivating other donators. It’s noteworthy that the NFT characters will be created directly during the purchase of the token. After creating of each "Nightingale," the smart contract automatically distributes 90% of its total value among the ETH wallets of 17 NCOs operating in Ukraine. The transaction IDs of each donation will be available on the blockchain so they can be verified at any time. At the same time, remaining 10% goes to digital marketing, project development and further audience retention. In addition to this, the system supports multiple donations that can occur within the same smart contract. According to StandAgainstWar, the project is partnering with 17 non-profit organizations that provide local recovery assistance along with direct cash transfers in Ukraine. They are working on the front lines, equipping medical workers, providing shelters for animals, supplying food, providing food for children, providing support to Ukrainians in rebuilding their lives.


The Central African Republic accepted Bitcoin as Means of Payment «On The Sly»

The country has become the second jurisdiction in the world to accept Bitcoin as legal tender, according to an official press release from the Chief of Staff of the President of the Central African Republic, Obed Namsi, with the law passed by unanimous vote of Parliament. Apparently, the bill was signed on 27 April. Its text is not yet available, but the press release also states that the Central African Republic "is the first country in Africa to accept Bitcoin as legal tender", and also modestly emphasizes that this move has placed the CAR "on the map of the world’s boldest and most visionary countries." By the way, this story has already developed today, since the country's president, Faustin-Archange Touadéra, wrote a tweet with meaningful text: “Mathematics is the language of the Universe. Bitcoin is universal money.” Apparently, he really is very favorable towards cryptocurrencies, since according to Samson Moe, the president of the Central African Republic “holds two PhDs in Mathematics,” so his assessment of Bitcoin is really very high.


Edward Snowden Was One of The Trusted When Launching Zcash

This statement was made directly by representatives of Zcash Media. They claimed that Edward Snowden, the US National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower, is John Dobbertin, the latest participant in the trusted privacy coin planting process. “When we started Zcash in 2016, a trusted setup process was the only scientific option for preventing counterfeiting, while still using strong encryption to ensure privacy.” — said Zooko Wilcox, CEO of the Electric Coin Company that created Zcash. According to Wilcox, he hired people who, as far as he knew, could be trusted. And for the same purpose, he turned to Edward Snowden to become one of the six participants in the original launch ceremony. Snowden also confirms his role in the process and says the reason he accepted the invitation was because he personally saw several trusted academic cryptographers working on the project. What a twist…