Crypto Market Overview September 26th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview September 26th | Dex-Trade

"Red Card" for Do Kwon: Interpol Is Looking for Terra’s Founder 

Regulators around the world are demanding the arrest of Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon, and South Korean authorities recently said that the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) ordered its officers in different countries to find and detain Do Kwon, after which the organization issued a red notice to the businessman. Over the past few weeks, South Korean prosecutors have stepped up their investigation into Kwon's case, accusing him of "not cooperating" with the authorities and "clearly on the run."But the businessman did not respond to these statements, so the prosecutor's office was forced to use Interpol, as they suspect that Kwon had indeed left Singapore. Recall that the founder of Terraform Labs moved from South Korea to Singapore earlier this year, where the company's headquarters were located. But it appears that authorities have indeed missed Kwon, as in response to a Sept. 15 extradition request from South Korean prosecutors to extradite the businessman, Singapore police said he had left the country. Prior to "losing contact," Kwon was active on social media and has stated that he is not hiding and clearly "expresses interest" in cooperating with law enforcement. In addition, he repeatedly claimed that his team cooperated with the Terraform investigation because they had nothing to hide.


Dave Ripley is Clearly "Inspired" by Ripple and Doesn't Want to Register Kraken

The newly appointed CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, Dave Ripley, has said he has no plans to register the trading floor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or delist any tokens that have been labeled as securities by the SEC because Kraken “does not trade” in securities. "There are not any tokens out there that are securities that we're interested in listing." —  he said. However, he did not rule out a full listing of security tokens, noting that in the future “there could be some new token out there that becomes interesting and also happens to simultaneously be a security, in that case, we would potentially be interested in that path.”By the way, in the near future, analysts predict obtaining the status of a security for Ethereum, which successfully switched to the Proof-of-Stake protocol two weeks ago. Clearly, Ripley's statement on crypto-assets contradicts the position of the SEC Chairman, Gary Gensler, who recently made his thoughts on the status of crypto exchanges and tokens very clear. In the September 15 Senate Banking Committee, Gensler reiterated that he considers most cryptocurrencies to be securities, and many intermediaries, such as exchanges, broker-dealers, and custodians, to be people who deal in securities. and "in certain cases" must be registered with the SEC.


Crypto Will Not Help RF to Circumvent Sanctions

The dictatorship of RF announced the beginning of the development of a mechanism for cross-border settlements with crypto-assets in order to reduce the sanctions pressure on the economy and trade in the country. The Ministry of Finance reported that the bill legalizing such operations has been agreed with the Central Bank of RF and now Moscow (the city, not the ship) is in a hurry to adopt the rules for the issuance, circulation and conduct of related operations with digital currencies, in particular, payments for the import and export of goods limited by sanctions because of the criminal military invasion of RF into Ukraine. But the House of Representatives of the US Congress approved a new bill that includes measures to curb the use of cryptocurrencies. Against this background, experts with knowledge of the industry shared their opinion with the russian media on how realistic it is to circumvent sanctions with the help of cryptocurrencies. These notifications were collected by the propaganda publication RBC and published in the article "The Great Illusion." The general conclusion from this article is that it is almost impossible to hide large volumes of transactions. Everyone who continues to work with RF in the cryptocurrency space will sooner or later fall under sanctions. Therefore, the number of those who decide to continue doing this will gradually decrease, because we remember that it is even easier to track crypto transactions than classic bank transfers.