Crypto Market Overview April 25th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview April 25th | Dex-Trade

Musk Is in Talks to Buy Twitter, But DOGE Doesn't Fly to The Moon

Just over a week ago, Elon Musk made an attractive offer to Twitter executives, expressing a desire to acquire all the shares of one of the largest social networks for $45 billion. Yesterday, the first stage of negotiations on a possible deal took place and, according to information from unnamed sources, some progress was made, but some questions remain at the stage consideration. At the same time, it’s reported that there are no guarantees that the parties will reach an agreement yet. The main inhibitory factor remains the price per share announced by Musk - $54.20, which, we recall, is significantly higher than the market price. However, the entrepreneur refuses any changes to the declared price, because he called his offer "the best and final." The irony is that as soon as the data about a possible deal began to be actively discussed around the world, Twitter shares noticeably accelerated growth. Last Friday, they rose 3.93% to $48.93, even though the stock market as a whole is now going through hard times. This may indicate that most market experts consider a buyout of shares of the social network by Musk quite likely. But the hype around the purchase did not seem to have much effect on the course of the favorite Musk’s coin — DOGE. The veteran meme crypto continued to fall in the wake of most digital currencies, but on Monday showed signs of a slight recovery. Now the coin is worth $0.139, and its weekly growth was 2%.


Contrary to Rumors: MicroStrategy Is Not Going to Sell Bitcoins

Last week, there were rumors in the crypto community that MicroStrategy, which has 129,218 Bitcoins in its account, began a secret sale of $5 billion worth of coins at a current price of $38,500. However, today the CEO of the company, Michael Saylor, denied them and explained that his company is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is required to notify all shareholders of changes in digital coin holdings. Sailor emphasized that these changes include buying and holding BTC as well as selling it. He also indicated that MicroStrategy's public records are "available to all." By the way, based on these records, the manager of the company once again clarified that they are aimed at the planned purchase of crypto-gold, since it’s an important hedge against inflation and already outperforms traditional assets such as gold and Nasdaq. Recall that Sailor is one of the key crypto-evangelists of our time, and his position on crypto, unlike rumors, has never changed. MicroStrategy has been purchasing Bitcoins for two years now, even with borrowed funds. To date, the company is the largest Bitcoin hodler in history.


American Crypto-Mining Company Intends to Sell Its Facilities in RF

The American company Compass Mining announced plans to sell equipment for Bitcoin mining located in Siberia in the amount of about $30 million in connection with the tightening of sanctions against the RF due to the barbaric war unleashed by putin in Ukraine. The decision to liquidate mining capacities was made after the US government imposed new sanctions on the BitRiver mining company and ten of its subsidiaries that continue to operate in the aggressor country. According to the latest Bloomberg report, Compass Mining is looking for buyers in Russia for mining servers with a capacity of 12 megawatts. The company's chief executive officer, Whit Gibbs, believes that the planned sale of miners will allow the company to pay off the debt of almost 2,000 customers who own the equipment. The Russian servers that Compass wants to get rid of account for about 15% of the company's current capacity. Gibbs expects the company's operating capacity to potentially increase to 355 MW from about 70 MW by the end of this year after clearing equipment in Siberia.