Crypto Market Overview June 23rd | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview June 23rd | Dex-Trade

“Bitcoin Is Going to Outlast All of Us”: Optimist Sailor’s Revelation

Co-founder, chairman and CEO of the largest Bitcoin hodler MicroStrategy, Michael J. Saylor, once again shared his thoughts on the future flagship of the crypto market in an interview with CNN International and, as usual, was extremely optimistic and confident in his position: “We’re in here for the long term. Bitcoin is going to outlast all of us. I’m quite sure of that.“ At the moment, MicroStrategy owns 129,218 Bitcoins, the average value of which is $30,700. Last week, the crypto community was actively discussing the sale of part of these savings on an alleged margin call, when the BTC price fell below $21,000. However, Sailor denied these rumors and clarified that the sale was made in order to maintain the liquidity of the company's inventory. The co-founder of MicroStrategy also spoke about the risks of investing in crypto-gold. In his opinion, the problem is uncertainty, because in 10 years, when the market becomes more transparent, the price of Bitcoin will be 10 or 100 times higher. But now investors and traders should decide whether they want to buy BTC knowing that there are already about a dozen projects that will make the asset class more mature and transparent in the near future, or whether they want to wait until all happens, and then buy. In conclusion, Sailor reminded that when the market recovers, Bitcoin will have a “much higher price.” It seems that he has already chosen his position.

Do Kwon Is Shocked and Devastated by the Collapse of Terra

The CEO and co-founder of the infamous Terra project, Do Kwon, told The Wall Street Journal that he is "devastated" by the collapse of his brainchild and sincerely hopes that the tens of thousands investors affected by the market crash can take care of themselves. In the past, Kwon has been known for his blunt and even tongue-in-cheek tweets. However, he now says that he regrets some of the things he said in the past. Whether such a position will help to dispose investors to the restarted LUNA 2.0 digital coin project is still unknown. But last week, a class-action lawsuit was already filed against Terraform Labs and its employees, in which the plaintiff accused them of making misleading statements about cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, LUNA 2.0, after a promising exchange listing and airdrop, has already fallen 89.6% from its starting price and is currently trading below the $2 mark. Recall that in an attempt to restore its native coins, Terra liquidated about $60 billion, which led to an exponential increase in investor concerns throughout the cryptocurrency market and attracted the attention of regulators around the world. As for Kwon himself, at the peak of LUNA's popularity, he was a dollar billionaire, after which he lost all his savings. However, according to him, bankruptcy does not bother him, because he is used to a modest life.

Phishing Resources Stole $128 Million From Indian Crypto Traders

According to a recent report from AI solutions company CloudSEK, Indian crypto investors and traders lost $128 million due to the use of phishing sites with crypto services that imitate real crypto platforms down to the design and URL. CloudSEK Founder and CEO, Rahul Sasi, expressed concern about the lack of steps from regulators and service providers that could prevent further theft of funds. Currently, there are no policies available to monitor such sites, so Sasi sees her task as raising awareness of fake resources among the public: “In the long-term, it is imperative for the collaboration between crypto exchanges, Internet service providers (ISPs), and cybercrime cells to raise awareness and take action against threat groups.” At the same time, the Indian government continues to aggravate its conflict with the crypto community after the introduction of a 30% tax on profits from crypto and declares that it’s not going to legalize digital assets. They would also launch phishing sites to teach crypto enthusiasts a lesson. But, wait...