Crypto Market Overview November 22th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview November 22th | Dex-Trade

FTX Management Bought Property in the Bahamas

According to information from official sources, the management of the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX, as well as relatives of the company's senior management and directly Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), over the past two years have acquired at least 19 properties in the Bahamas that were registered in the name of the trading platform. According to Reuters, the total value of the purchased property exceeds $121 million. The list of purchased properties consists of seven luxury apartments, and although their direct owners are still unknown, the purchase documentation says that the apartments were to be used as living quarters for a key staff of the infamous stock exchange. It is also known that part of the acquired property, worth $ 16.4 million, may be owned by SBF parents - Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried. The act of buying a home allegedly states that the property is positioned as a "vacation house", and the documents for its purchase are dated June 15 of this year. As a reminder, FTX moved its headquarters from Hong Kong to the Bahamas in September 2021. The central office of the company was bought for $60 million, and its construction began in April 2022. However, local and American media have repeatedly published information that no one lives on the territory of all properties registered on FTX.


Dubious Crypto Exchange Operates "Under the Guise" of Warren Buffett's Company

Representatives of the company Berkshire Hathaway, which is headed by billionaire Warren Buffett, officially warned the public that one of the cryptocurrency exchanges uses the name of the company, while having nothing to do with Berkshire Hathaway Inc., or with its management, or with Warren E. Buffett: “The entity … has no affiliation with Berkshire Hathaway Inc. or its chairman and CEO, Warren E. Buffett.” We are talking about the site, on the main page of which it is indicated that the company is a CFD and FX broker providing bitcoin trading services. At the same time, the fake Berkshire Hathaway calls itself a “Texas exchange”, the purpose of which is to give investors an “opportunity to achieve a completely passive income from investment in cryptocurrency mining.” The site also hosts a brilliantly naive promise of daily, regular income for all crypto investors. And it looks like flat-faced trolling, as Berkshire Hathaway CEO, Warren Buffett, and company vice chairman, Charlie Munger, are widely known to be some of the biggest crypto skeptics in the US. The site itself is a benchmark of fraudulent projects. It is literally drawn from the tracing paper of many financial projects, does not contain the team's phone numbers, and Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway email address is listed as the only contact. Naturally, we recommend staying away from this site and under no circumstances should you invest in such a scam.


Charles Hoskinson Gets a Cringe Cameo in Snoop Dogg's Music Video

NFT project Clay Nation, created on the Cardano blockchain, presented a video for the song "Bron and Bronny", which is a collaboration between Snoop Dogg and Champ Medici (the alter ego of his son Cordell Broadus), in which the clay character of the founder of ADA and the CEO of Input Output appears Charles Hoskinson. The video was filmed at Hoskinson's Wyoming ranch. In the video, his “plasticine double”rides a Sherp all-terrain vehicle with the Medicis and drinks champagne. At the same time, according to U.Today, Hoskinson agreed to star in the video back in June, and later the Medici also invited some members of the Clay Nation community to join the shooting. Judging by the organization of production, the shooting took place quite long and irregularly, so the clip was released much later than expected. However, like most recent works in which Snoop Dogg participates, the video is gradually becoming viral and actively spreading in the crypto community. Recall that the rapper became one of the first fans and active authors of NFT-art. Now he continues to actively buy up rare NFT collections and release original Web3 products that sell out in a matter of days.