Crypto Market Overview April 21th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview April 21th | Dex-Trade

Binance Has Suspended Support for Almost All of Its Services in RF

Today, on the blog of the crypto trading giant Binance, a message appeared that the exchange is limiting its trading services in the RF in connection with the entry into force of the fifth package of sanctions against the country due to its aggressive military campaign on the territory of Ukraine and the genocide of the Ukrainian people. The restrictions will affect the work with the accounts of russian citizens, officials and legal entities, on whose accounts more than €10,000 is kept. From now on, such users will only be able to withdraw funds, but trading and making deposits will no longer be available to them. “The limit also covers all spot, futures, custody wallets, and staked and earned deposits. In addition, all deposits to accounts for Russian nationals or natural persons residing in Russia, or legal entities established in Russia with over 10,000 EUR will be restricted.” — posted on the company blog. Recall that the fifth package of restrictive sanctions of the EU, the US, Britain and Japan against putins regime was adopted last week. It includes comprehensive measures designed to increase "economic pressure on the Kremlin and cripple its ability to finance its invasion of Ukraine." Financial pressure on RS will be provided by introducing a "full transaction ban and asset freeze on four Russian banks." In addition, the sanctions introduce “prohibition on providing high-value crypto-asset services to Russia.”


Belarusian Authorities Can Now Confiscate Unregistered Crypto Assets

The Ministry of Justice of Belarus, in accordance with the decree of the self-proclaimed leader of the country Alexander Lukashenko, has established a legal procedure for the arrest of unregistered cryptocurrency funds as part of enforcement proceedings. Lukashenko also ordered the creation of a special registry of crypto wallet addresses used for illegal purposes. The Ministry of Justice has clarified that the public authorities conducting the criminal process will be liable for seized or confiscated crypto-currency funds from such crypto-addresses. In addition, this also applies to foreclosure of digital assets as part of the confiscation of property. However, crypto still cannot be used in the country as a means of payment. At the same time, according to blockchain analytics from Chainalysis, Belarus ranks third in the region in terms of cryptocurrency adoption. True, this figure was achieved mainly due to the high activity of peer-to-peer networks in the country.


British Store Opens Its NFT Trading Space in Hong Kong Mall

Renowned British luxury department store Harvey Nichols announced the opening of an NFT trading space HN NFT Vault at its Chinese branch in Pacific Place, which is located in Hong Kong. In the HN NFT Vault it will be possible to purchase literally all lots from the sensational collections of the current and past years, including CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, CloneX x Takashi Murakami, Azuki and Doodles. Most off-the-shelf NFTs can be purchased with cryptocurrencies and credit cards. The store promises "a seamless purchasing journey." As for prices, they range from 5,000 Hong Kong dollars (now about $637) for the most budget lot, and up to a million Hong Kong dollars ($127,000) for the most expensive one. It’s also reported that NFT can also be purchased from a cold wallet, to which you can transfer the token upon purchase and store it there. “Through the new space, Harvey Nichols aims to make NFTs more accessible to a broader audience by featuring a range of NFTs from some of the most successful projects globally available for in-store exploration and purchase.” — according to a press release for the opening of the store.