Crypto Market Overview September 19th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview September 19th | Dex-Trade

"Negative" Cooperation With Investigators: Terra's Do Kwon on the Run?

It seems that 2022 will be the “year of Terra’s collapse” in the crypto community, as for 4 months the news about the infamous founder and CEO of Terraform has been on the front pages of publications. This time, the clear “concern” of the South Korean prosecutors about the flight of Do Kwon became the information reason. Previously, he repeatedly reported that he was in Singapore, as well as most of the employees of Terra, who were displaced even before the convictions were opened. At the end of July, information appeared that the businessman was cooperating with the investigation, but later he denied it. In an August interview, Kwon also stated that the South Korean police did not even contact him, although the homes of some of his colleagues were even searched. At the same time, the entrepreneur's rhetoric was about the necessity of cooperation with the investigation, but neither he nor any of the company's management were in a hurry to return to South Korea. Today's prosecutors' suspicion concerns Kwon's tweet, in which he literally wrote that he was not on the run. The South Korean police insisted on the extradition of the businessman and just a couple of days ago, in response to a request, they received information about the absence of Kwon in Singapore. Where exactly he is is unknown. However, his lawyers continue to say that they are cooperating with the investigation. Such a kind of cooperation is obtained ...


FTX US President Again Hints at the Opacity of the Regulator

In an interview with The Block, FTX US President Brett Harrison said that the digital asset market needs more clarity, which would have to come from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). According to the businessman, if the SEC policy were transparent and understandable, many more crypto projects would like to register with the Commission and, thus, be able to list their products on crypto platforms and exchanges. Harrison noted that many of these projects are already looking to register with the SEC, but are currently prohibited from doing so due to the lack of clear rules. Harrison's interview can be seen as a response to a statement by SEC Chairman Gary Gensler that alleged that many cryptocurrency exchanges and broker-dealers continue to violate the rules set by the regulator. Recall that Gensler is famous for his ambiguous behavior, since he avoids them by calling on the heads of crypto projects for dialogue. By the way, Gensler seems to be looking for a conflict with Ethereum, since according to the extreme bitcoinist Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy Inc., after the transition of crypto-silver to PoS, the asset will have even more security characteristics. Gensler did not “point the finger,” but hinted that native PoS blockchain assets could pass the Howey test, as staking can be viewed as an “investment contract.”


Ford Registers 19 Trademarks: the Metaverse of an Auto Legend Is on the Doorstep

Ford Motor Company appears to be gearing up for the virtual era, filing 19 trademark applications for its major automotive brands. A Cointelegraph news report cites a tweet by licensed US Patent Trade Office (USPTO) trademark attorney Mike Kondudis showing that Ford does indeed intend to register its own metaverse. The filings, which were officially filed on September 2, included trademarks for "virtual cars, trucks, vans, and clothing." In addition, the company has registered an online store for the sale of NFTs. Ford is considering different options for a metaverse that could include illustrations, text, audio, and video depicting the company's lines of cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans with NFT product authentication. By the way, the company has already announced its intentions to create "downloadable virtual goods": programs with car parts, accessories and clothing that can be used in "virtual online worlds." All this hints that Ford may soon organize exhibitions or other events using virtual and augmented reality. And all this is happening against the backdrop of massive layoffs of the company's employees due to cost cuts. Politics level distraction.