Crypto Market Overview January 17th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview January 17th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview – January 17th, 2022


Mike Tyson Buy SOL and Went for Analytics on Twitter

Legendary heavyweight fighter Mike Tyson, long known for his passion for crypto and NFT, this time decided to fool around on the social network: he purchased a promising Solana (SOL) for an undisclosed amount and asked his followers how much the price of the asset could rise after it. It’s worth mentioning right away that there was no talk of any serious analytics either in the tweet or in the comments. At the same time, an hour after the publication, about 2000 answers appeared under it, and at the moment the number of retweets has reached almost 1000. But all this is really more like flirting with the audience. We know that the only person capable of generating the “Mask effect” is Musk himself. Therefore, Tyson's purchase did not have any serious impact on the SOL rate. At the time of writing, the asset is trading at $143 with a zero weekly and 4.5% daily price drop. By the way, before buying Solana, Iron Mike polled his Twitter followers to find out which cryptocurrency they prefer. And last June, he decided to unleash a holly war between Bitcoin and Ethereum fans. True, the audience took this gesture very loyally, without getting personal and, for the most part, doing without insults. Although, if Mike became an ambassador of SOL, it’s possible that the authority of the coin would grow and Ethereum would have a worthy competitor.


Indonesian Boy Sells 355 ETH of His NFT Selfies

Not an artist, not an art critic or a crazy experimenter, but an ordinary 22-years-old Indonesian guy, Sultan Gustav Al-Ghozali from Semarang, who studies computer science, almost sold out an NFT collection of his own selfies on OpenSea, receiving 355 ETH for pictures. CryptoPotato reports. A few years ago, he decided to start taking selfies literally every day, as a result of which, from 2017 to 2021, he took more than a thousand photos. And all this was originally in order to assemble a full-fledged video from the pictures at the end of college. But the NFT hype changed the student's plans. Ghozali set a price of 0.001 ETH for his first photos, and they began to sell almost immediately. At the moment, devoid of any deep artistic value, the tokens from the “Ghozali Everyday” collection with photos of the young man are already being sold for at least 0.42 ETH. At the same time, sales statistics show that 498 people already own tokens with images of Ghozali. So unexpectedly, but irreversibly, popularity and wealth overtake innocent students.


Walmart Played Too Much With Crypto and Hints at The Creation of a Metaverse

One of the world's largest retailers, the Walmart network, at the end of December 2021, bombarded the US Patent and Trademark Office with bids for the creation of trademarks, including the registration of its own NFT collections and even cryptocurrency. Notably, the bids went unnoticed until a Jan. 16 CNBC report enlightened the public about the company's ambitions. A total of seven patent bids are known to Walmart, three of which are related to the advertising arm of the giant Walmart Connect. The documents describe plans to create and sell "virtual goods," including electronics, toys, appliances, clothing, and home decor items. It also talks about the registration of a "digital currency" and a "digital token," as well as the ability to buy and sell NFTs. But the hottest is the mention of plans to trademark and logo Walmart in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), with the possibility of introducing "physical training services" in VR and AR. And this speaks directly to Walmart's interest in the metaverse and real plans to create it. However, the retail giant has already opened a vacancy for a “digital currency and crypto product lead,” so it’s not too long to wait for the real results of Walmart’s t