Crypto Market Overview June 16th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview June 16th | Dex-Trade

Blockchain Company from Ukraine Continues to Expand Despite the War and the Collapse of the Market

The CEO of the Ukrainian decentralized staking provider Everstake, Sergey Vasilchuk, said that even against the backdrop of a large-scale market crisis and the liberation war of Ukraine against the occupying forces of RF that has been going on for more than 3 months, the company will continue to hire crypto-specialists for the planned vacancies. Since the start of full-scale hostilities, the company's staff has already expanded by 30 people, but 10 more vacancies remain open and Everstake representatives are actively looking for suitable specialists in the marketing and development departments. Vasilchuk also noted that he does not plan to lay off workers, as the company has prepared a reserve fund for employees in case of a further market collapse. It seems that risk assessment is indeed Everstake's forte, as hundreds of billions of dollars leaked from the crypto market, even giants such as Coinbase, Gemini and were forced to resort to cutting their staff by 5 to 20%. Recall that Everstake, in partnership with the Ukrainian government, at the beginning of the war, launched a site for donations in cryptocurrency aimed at military and humanitarian support of the country’s citizens. To date, thanks to this platform, it has been possible to raise more than $100 million donations in NFTs and key digital currencies.


The Best Time to Buy Bitcoins Is Already Here: Michael Saylor's opinion

The CEO and founder of the largest corporate BTC holder MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, in an interview with CNBC once again confirmed his bullish stance on Bitcoin, denied rumors of a margin call on the company's credit debt and said that he was going to continue planned purchases of BTC, naming the current market most suitable for the implementation of the company's plans. Sailor remains a firm believer that the "Bitcoin Strategy" adopted almost two years ago was the best possible solution. According to the entrepreneur, during this period, crypto-gold actually turned out to be 10 times more profitable than such classic assets as gold, oil, the Nasdaq index and other derivative financial instruments. Sailor also believes that Bitcoin is a reliable means of growing capital without risk in a 10-year range, and short-term volatility does not affect the nature of the asset. He added that within four years, everyone who owns BTC, even with all the market crises, will not lose money. In addition, the businessman pointed out that since BTC's four-year moving average is around $21,000, the current price position is "absolutely a great buying opportunity." Sailor also said that as long as MicroStrategy is making its profit target, the company will continue to channel capital into buying Bitcoin.


BitMEX Co-Founder Receives 30 Months Probation

The co-founder of crypto exchange BitMEX, Benjamin Delo, was sentenced to 30 months of probation without house arrest for violating the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) on charges of "evading US anti-money laundering requirements" two years ago. In 2020, the U.S. government brought Delo and two other co-founders of the marketplace, Arthur Hayes and Samuel Reid, in violation of the BSA, after which Delo and Hayes pleaded guilty to one of the charges, which carry a maximum penalty of five years in prison. Hayes managed to avoid jail time, but received six months of house arrest as part of a two-year probationary period. The entrepreneur will then be allowed to travel to his home in Singapore for the remainder of his probation after serving his six-month US house arrest. As for Delo, his 30-month probation does not prohibit activity on regulatory cases regarding BitMEX. Ahead of the verdict, the entrepreneur's legal team submitted a letter to the court asking Delo to serve a suspended sentence in Hong Kong, where he resides, and not be fined or jailed.