Crypto Market Overview December 15th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview December 15th | Dex-Trade

DOGE Turned Green: Musk Tweeted About The Launch of Payment for Some Tesla Merch With a Meme Crypto

Another tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, in which he announced the opening of the Dogecoin payment channel to pay for some of the company's products, became a powerful boost for the main meme crypto, thanks to which it took off against the background of the red altcoin market by 28.5% in just an hour. Surprisingly, in his tweet, the entrepreneur did not even specify which goods and services could be paid with DOGE. However, the announcement itself was enough to bring the cryptocurrency back into the November price range to the level of $0.2183. But, as we know, nothing lasts forever under the moon, so after just 10 hours, the Mask's enchantment dissipated and the price of the coin dropped to $0.1926. Moreover, before the publication of the tweet, DOGE cost $0.1699 and was one of the most affected by the bearish activity of cryptocurrencies in the December market. Meantime, Tesla still hasn't resumed accepting BTC after its management shut down the payment channel in May due to strong criticism of crypto gold for its damaging environmental impact. In the summer, Musk promised that Tesla would resume accepting Bitcoins when their mining as a whole will consume 50% of renewable energy resources. However, skeptics argue that such a balance will be achieved, at best, in a decade.


Ukrainian Authorities Will Support The Launch of a Commercial Stablecoin Based on Hryvnia

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine (MDT) announced its support for the launch of a digital hryvnia’s pilot project based on the Stellar blockchain in the form of a stablecoin, developed by Taskcombank in cooperation with the fintech company Bitt. The project is completely commercial, but, it is supervised by the National Bank of Ukraine and, in case of successful implementation, will be scaled up within the framework of the country's financial initiatives. According to Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, Oleksandr Bornyakov, the project will provide "technological basis for the issuance of electronic money" and will be the "next key step to advance innovation of payment and financial infrastructure in Ukraine." At the first stages of implementation, a pilot e-hryvnia will be used to pay salaries to civil servants who have confirmed their participation in the project using the state application Diia. MDT entered into a partnership with the Stellar Development Fund back in January this year. If partners and developers continue in this vein, the digital hryvnia will become the first European CBDC and probably the first public blockchain-based government cryptocurrency.


Swiss Online Bank Swissquote Announced The Launch of Its Own Crypto-Exchange

Sales manager of the largest online bank in Switzerland, Jan De Schepper, in an interview with, spoke about plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange in 2022, which is designed to meet the growing customer demand for digital assets. Swissquote Group Holding SA, founded in 2000, does not hide its sympathy for the crypto industry and for several years has been looking for optimal ways to offer its customers some services for processing and storing digital money. The company also openly declares its ambition to become a leading Swiss provider of digital assets. Swissquote plans to expand the range of cryptocurrencies available for trading to include even stablecoins, Schepper said. Back in 2018, the company opened up the opportunity for its customers to participate in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) through its platform, which debuted with the LakeDiamond (LKD) project. Thus, Swissquote became the first bank in the world to offer token placement services for sale.