Crypto Market Overview April 10 | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview April 10 | Dex-Trade

Saturday may be known as a slow day of hangovers after a rowdy Friday night, but Saturday April 10th was anything but slow for the crypto market. The following is a short overview of the events that made the headlines.


Bitcoin breaks through resistance level

Bitcoin has succeeded in breaking through the important resistance level of $60,000 on Saturday as the bullish impulse pushed prices upward, fueled by a slurry of positive news and the general upstart on the market. After the previous slump at the end of the working week, the cryptocurrency began its price recovery at the end of Friday, but on Saturday the exchange rate of the king of crypto went on an active offensive and reached the $61,500 area, stopping just short of the $200 needed to attain the historical maximum it had set a month ago. The achievement of the psychological threshold makes it clear that BTC is going to continue growing in the near future.


Ethereum renews historical maximum

As Bitcoin shoved the rest of the market up the price charts, Ethereum followed instantly, beating its historical maximum of $2,200. The general bullish sentiment on the market pushed ETH prices up by 7% over the course of the day, sending ripples of jubilation across the market and heralding a new vector of price dynamics and traction for the blockchain giant.


Ripple topples price barriers

As with the rest of the market rushing after Bitcoin, Ripple’s XRP coin charged through the price barrier and appreciated by over 40% over the course of trading on Saturday. The price increase marks a 135% upward momentum for XRP over the week, allowing the coin to reach a price of $1.42.


TON shelling out the cash

Pavel Durov’s failed project from Telegram has started refunding investors who, after the colossal failure of the TON project, wished not to withdraw their funds, but wait for compensation in the amount of 110% of their initial investments. The refunds are taking place gradually, as Telegram had to sell over a billion dollars in shares to investors who had suffered from TON’s failure.