Crypto Market Overview June 9th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview June 9th | Dex-Trade

Anthony Hopkins Intends to Acquire His First NFT

Legendary Hollywood actor and two-time Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins told his nearly million followers on Twitter that he wants to buy his first NFT and also asked followers to help him choose a token. Of course, Hopkins' post could not pass by the arguing fans and the radical haters of crypto. In the comments, the recommendations of subscribers were divided into three groups: representatives of the first tried their best to sell the tokens of their NFT projects to the actor, representatives of the second strongly advised not to get involved in the crypto industry in old age (Hopkins is now 84 years old), and followers from the third suggested that Star's account has been hacked. But there's no denying Hopksins' genuine interest in technology, as fans of the actor know he co-starred last year in the virtual thriller Zero Contact, which released on NFT Vuele in September. True, the film was a resounding failure both among critics and the audience. The thriller was filmed exclusively in a video call format between characters, leading film producer Wade Major of FilmWeek to call it "the worst Zoom meeting ever" and Noel Murray of the Los Angeles Times saying that the film came across as a conference call rather than a thriller. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has a 14% rating, so maybe the actor really should "pull up the technical side of the issue."


Do Kwon Shut Down His Twitter After LUNA Crash

The founder of the Terra project, crypto businessman Do Kwon, recently banned access to his Twitter account to anyone who did not follow him, which coincided with another major collapse in the price of LUNA 2.0 and increased criticism from the crypto community and government regulators. Heaven knows what specific effect Kwon wanted to achieve from hiding his posts, but this precedent seriously affected the confidence of traders and investors regarding the LUNA coin. It’s currently trading at $3, recovering from a fall to $2. But the starting price of the token after the airdrop was $19.5, that is, in just a week and a half, it depreciated by 77%. In addition, Kwon has faced significant legal challenges as South Korean police have warned that the entrepreneur could face jail time for the massive blockchain failure. South Korean authorities are also investigating a Terraform Labs employee for stealing funds. From this perspective, the position of the self-proclaimed Terra insider under the nickname FatMan is interesting. He accused Kwon and Terraform Labs of misleading and lying about their intentions regarding the new LUNA tokens. According to FatMan, Terraform Labs (TFL) owns more than 42 million LUNA worth more than $200 million, so they can compensate token holders. But so far this information has not been proven.


Hacker Stole $20 Million Worth of Optimism Tokens

Ethereum’s leading scaling solution, Optimism, posted a tweet about the theft of $20 million in newly minted OP tokens, which were first sent to the wrong wallet address of the Wintermute market maker and then withdrawn by the attacker before the Wintermute team could complete the refund. The catch was that the recipient representatives sent the Optimism team an Ethereum (L1) multisig wallet address that had not yet been deployed on Optimism. The Wintermute team then took the necessary steps to recover their lost funds, but an attacker interfered with the process and embezzled OP tokens. In fact, the hacker quickly deployed an L1 multisig contract to the same crypto address, but in L2 format and "with different initialization parameters before the recovery plan operation was completed." Companies are now aware of the $1 million sale of stolen OP tokens. The news about the theft of OP tokens significantly affected their price. Today, it sank 12.54% and fell to a new low at $0.7252, and on Monday the coin was trading at $1.35.