Crypto Market Overview September 7th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview September 7th | Dex-Trade

David Bowie "Returns" With a New NFTs: Fans Are Not Happy

Today, a post appeared on the official Twitter of the OpenSea platform stating that on September 13, the NFT-collection "Bowie on the Blockchain" dedicated to the legacy of the legendary musician and artist David Bowie, the exhibits of which were created by nine "greatest" crypto-artists of our time, will be placed on the trading platform on September 13th. Not surprisingly, Ziggy (Bowie's first stage name) still managed to connect with the NFT industry. The musician died in 2016 and even at the age of 69 he participated in many creative movements, recorded music and led patronage programs. And it looks like the legend's work will continue as OpenSea claims that all proceeds from the sale of NFT lots will go to CARE, a charitable organization that helps fight hunger and poverty around the world. But, as expected, not all Bowie fans were optimistic about such a "collaboration." Duncan Jones, a film director and son of a musician, also joined the ranks of skeptics. He has previously said that Bowie's sale at Christie's for a fantastic $69.3 million NFT is "suspicious." As for the announced NFT collection dedicated to his father, Jones considers it a “fad,” and first called the technology itself a prank, and then even something much less significant than a prank. At the same time, the director clearly stays away from any "hanging out" associated with his father and criticizes almost everything connected with them.


Hoskinson Is Indignant: Cardano’s Founder Was Offended by Crypto Market

Ahead of the launch of the long-awaited Cardano hard fork called Vasil, the founder of the coin, Charles Hoskinson, wrote a desperate tweet in which he stated that the cryptocurrency markets are out of touch with reality as coin prices continue to fall due to macroeconomic shocks despite the fact that the market is full of “strong” crypto products. The businessman says that the focus in cryptocurrency should not be on the price, but on the benefits provided by the project itself. In addition, Hoskinson stated that Cardano is changing the world thanks to a growing and active community, which is now one of the main pillars for crypto projects. Although, in this regard, Do Kwon would not agree with him… One way or another, Cardano’s Vasil-related ambitions can really remain just ambitions, since it’s hard to imagine a less favorable time for major crypto product updates than a long “crypto winter,” the consequences of which are still unimaginable. In this regard, Hoskinson's sentiments are quite understandable and justified. Recall that last Friday, the Input Output Global (IOG) team and Hoskinson, who develop and launch Vasil, announced that the update will go live on the mainnet on September 22. At this stage, the delay is due to errors found during network testing.


Michael Berry Predicts a Market Crash of 2008 Proportions

The authoritative American investor Michael Berry "rolled out" a forecast for the global financial markets, including the crypto market, according to which the global economic crisis will reach the scale of the 2008 crisis. Berry's prediction is based on multiple factors, and the crypto market crash is just one of them. The investor predicts a collapse in the markets of intermediary companies for stock trading (SPAC), mem-coins market and a critical rise in inflation in the near future. By the way, the inflationary crisis is one of the most important factors in his forecast. The US consumer price index shows that inflation is at an all-time high. The Federal Reserve is engaged in quantitative tightening and raising interest rates to fight inflation, but at this stage such measures can only slow the process. By the way, Berry predicted a similar development of events 6 years ago. However, at that time, his forecast did not include an analysis of events in the cryptocurrency market, since its trading volumes and capitalization were much smaller, which allowed the crypto to remain autonomous and much less dependent on macroeconomic cataclysms. Well, well, we can congratulate the digital money market on its coming of age...