Crypto Market Overview March 7th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview March 7th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Skeptic Mark Mobius' Money Stuck in HSBC

In an interview with Fox Business, the founder of Mobius Capital Partners and crypto-skeptical billionaire Mark Mobius said he could not withdraw his funds from the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HBSC): “I’m personally affected. I have an account with HSBC in Shanghai and I can’t take my money out … I can’t get an explanation of why they’re doing this. It’s just amazing. They’re putting all kinds of barriers.” Commenting on the problems of the billionaire with the withdrawal of money, crypto supporters wrote hundreds of posts on social networks that the good old BTC can solve this problem. However, Moebius clearly does not have confidence in the cryptocurrency in general and in the market flagship in particular. For example, back in November of last year, he heavily bet that Bitcoin should trade at $10,000. Meanwhile, the Chinese government, blocking the accounts of a businessman, asks him for records of exactly how he made money over the past 20 years. Referring to current bans, Mobius warns other businessmen to invest in China and suggests that the country's government is limiting the outflow of money as it faced massive inflation and capital flight last year in connection with rumors of Russian military aid. However, the billionaire believes that Hong Kong, which has not been blocked to this day, is a slightly more open and promising investment center than the rest of mainland China as a whole.


Brian Armstrong Will Make Base an SEC Pet

In an interview with Joe Weisenthal on Bloomberg Radio, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong hinted that the company's new, second-tier enterprise blockchain, Base, could greatly simplify transaction monitoring and be open to anti-money laundering measures. Armstrong clarified that Base still has some centralized components, but the plan is for the ecosystem to become more and more decentralized over time. However, there will be transaction monitoring and AML requirements for users of the new second layer network. Moreover, the responsibility for monitoring crypto transactions in the first days after the launch will be borne directly by Coinbase. Recall that Base is, in fact, the Ethereum blockchain of the second level. It was chosen for the internal network due to the fact that it offers a secure, low-cost, and developer-friendly way for users to build decentralized applications. It is being developed with OP Stack which uses Optimism. The combination of these components enables high-speed transactions on Ethereum. The Base Ecosystem was unveiled on February 23rd and is currently in its testing phase. Coinbase has yet to release a mainnet launch date, but it is expected to be in the second quarter of 2023. Previously, it was assumed that the second level Base would be quite centralized, but developers began to use special “sequencers” that successfully deal with this problem.


Gordon Ramsay Avatar NFT Collection Coming Soon

Outrageous head of the cult TV show “Hell's Kitchen” and Michelin-starred chef, Gordon Ramsay, will become the protagonist of a fresh NFT collection, the release of which was announced by the gaming metaverse of the marketplace The Sandbox. The minting of tokens with Ramzi will become available on the site this month. In total, 2333 avatars of the iconic chef will be provided. Users of The Sandbox who take part in the project will be able to navigate the metaverse and play blockchain games using one of Ramsay's avatars. Incidentally, The Sandbox has already successfully sold out a collection of NFT avatars based on web3 enthusiast and music celebrity Snoop Dogg. According to OpenSea, the volume of trades for the exhibits of this collection of avatars amounted to almost $12 million. Web game platforms and metaverses tend to struggle to go mainstream and attract significant user base through celebrity collaborations. This, of course, is not successful for all such projects. However, The Sandbox has been very successful in attracting large corporate partners and some celebrities. Thanks to large-scale gaming projects, the company has been able to enter into partnerships with such giants as HSBC, Warner Music, PlayBoy, Gucci and Ubisoft. And last year even the legendary Paris Hilton signed a cooperation agreement with The Sandbox.