Crypto Market Overview October 6th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview October 6th | Dex-Trade

Brian Armstrong Under The Spotlight: The Star Cast of Coinbase Documentary

Coinbase co-founder and CEO, Brian Armstrong, has announced the release of the Coin documentary on YouTube, iTunes and Amazon Prime streaming platforms tomorrow, October 7th. The 128-minute film, directed by ten-time Emmy Award-winning director Greg Kohs, "chronicles the rise of a visionary founder in crypto who harnesses the power of this emerging technology to promote a mission of global economic freedom.” In addition to Brian Armstrong, who played the main role in the film, the cast also included such stars of the crypto industry as Vitalik Buterin, Hayden Adams, Alex Gladstein, Brian Brooks and David Chaum. On the occasion of the film's release, Armstrong tweeted: “we’ve been working with director Greg Kohs on a documentary about cryptocurrency and Coinbase over the last three years, and it will be coming out this Friday… We gave Greg and his team unprecedented access inside the company, showing the crazy ups and downs of building a tech startup all the way to us becoming a public company. He shows it all – the good, bad, and ugly… I agreed to do this documentary because I wanted to demystify what it takes to build a tech startup and encourage more people to start companies. I also wanted to demystify crypto…” It looks like Ridley Scott, with his adaptation of The Infinite Machine about Vitalik Buterin, will have to move.


South Korea vs. Do Kwon: Terra Founder Risks Losing Citizenship

The court against the leadership of Terra and the search for the founder of the crypto company, Do Kwon, clearly reached a dead end, so the South Korean authorities gave Kwon an ultimatum: if he does not return to his homeland soon and does not appear before the investigation, then his passport of a citizen of the country (and, therefore, and citizenship) will be revoked. Against the background of the fact that Kwon also recently came to the attention of Interpol, pressure from the South Korean authorities and their ultimatum rhetoric definitely motivated the businessman to hide as best as possible. His whereabouts remain unknown at this time. At the same time, the term of the ultimatum from South Korea is approximately 14 days later. During this time, Kwon must either return the passport and stand trial, or lose the document forever. Yesterday, there were reports from the South Korean prosecutor's office that prosecutors had frozen Kwon's cryptocurrency assets in the amount of $39.6 million. At the same time, the businessman claims that these assets did not belong to him. The "icing on the cake" was his wish that the authorities use the confiscated funds "for the country’s good." Recall that back in August, Kwon publicly gave interviews and spoke about his intentions to cooperate with the investigation. But it ‘s not yet clear how exactly he intends to do this while on the run.


20 years Behind Bars: Canadian Crypto Hacker Appears in Court

Canadian hacker Sebastien Vachon-Desjardins has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for participating in the NetWalker ransomware attacks and will also be forced to return $21.5 million in Bitcoins by court order. According to the authorities, Vashon-Desjardins used NetWalker to obtain personal data from PC users around the world. He extracted the information of Windows users and demanded a ransom in BTC in exchange for its decryption. But law enforcement officers were confused by the selection of victims of the hacker. These included companies, municipalities, law enforcement, and educational institutions such as colleges, universities, and school districts. Vashon-Desjardins also deliberately targeted health care providers during the Covid-19 pandemic to take advantage of hard times to extort, according to the investigation. During the arrest of the hacker, which occurred in January 2021, and search of his home, authorities seized about $544,000 and 719 BTC, which, according to the current exchange rate, is approximately $14.5 million. Kenneth A. Polite, Jr., Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department's Criminal Division, said the Vashon-Desjardin verdict demonstrated the gravity of the consequences that every cybercriminal would face and was a warning to those who dare to use ransomware in the future.