Crypto Market Overview January 5th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview January 5th | Dex-Trade

CryptoZoo Ambassador Logan Paul Wants to Sue Coffeezilla

YouTuber and actor Logan Paul, who led the CryptoZoo NFT project, has threatened to sue fellow YouTube blogger and internet detective Steven Findeisen, aka Coffeezilla, for defamation after he called CryptoZoo a fraudulent crypto project. An open controversy between YouTubers began on December 17, when Coffeezilla published the first of three series of video investigations with a number of accusations against CryptoZoo and Paul himself: “CryptoZoo was supposed to be a fun blockchain game that can earn you money [...] but millions of dollars of investor money later, things are still broken.” — Findeisen said in one of the videos. Paul's answer was not long in coming. On January 4, a YouTuber posted a video accusing an Internet detective of leading a group of accusers and monetizing the spread of information that CryptoZoo and himself are scammers to an audience of millions of people, although this information is false. He also accused Coffeezilla of doing so without verifying any background information or corroborating any evidence. According to Paul, Findeisen "took multiple criminals’ words as truth and broke laws," that is, he spread slander. Therefore, the CryptoZoo defender summed up his commentary on the Coffeezilla investigation with a very unambiguous call: “I’ll see you in court.”

Former FTX Lawyer Released Data to US Government Representatives

Former lawyer for bankrupt crypto exchange FTX, Daniel Friedberg, detailed what he knew about the company's dealings to officials from the US Department of Justice (DOJ), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The meeting with Friedberg and prosecutors took place at the U.S. Attorney's office for the Southern District of New York on November 22, according to an insider source. Friedberg told prosecutors that he was aware of Sam Bankman-Freed's (SBF) use of client funds for illegal purposes, according to the filing. This also applies to information about the financial transactions of Alameda Research. The anonymous source also provided evidence that Friedberg was not directly charged with crimes or covering them up. So for now, he expects to be called to the scheduled October trial against the SBF as a government witness. However, Friedberg's attorney, Telemachus Kasoulis, and FBI and FTX representatives have not yet responded to requests for comment on the collaboration. At the moment, it is only known that representatives of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Justice, as well as the legal representative of Bankman-Fried declined to comment.