Crypto Market Overview August 4th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview August 4th | Dex-Trade

China issues first bank loan in digital yuan

The digital yuan is gaining momentum in China. So, it became known about the first credit in the country in CDBC. The Zhangjiagang Agricultural Commercial Bank (Suzhou Province, China) became the creditor. Although the recipient of the loan wished to remain confidential, the amount of the loan is known - it is 500,000 e-CNY. At the time of writing, this is equivalent to just over $74,000. However, something is known about the borrower. This is not an individual, but one of the companies. The loan was received by a manufacturer of environmental protection equipment in the steel industry from the same province of Suzhou. The object of the intellectual property acted as collateral for the loan. The company said that the rapid growth in the number of orders led to the need to think through mechanisms to speed up and simplify financial processes. Therefore, the company had to resort to the possibility of borrowing in digital assets. The same source added that by obtaining a loan from e-CNY, the company managed to save time. Both the loan processing and the transfer of funds were made very quickly.

Solana developers called the reason for hacking their hot wallets

On August 3, we at Dex-Trade reported on a major hack attack that hit the Solana ecosystem. According to analysts, in just one night, from August 2 to 3, 8,000 user wallets were hacked. A total of $8 million worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen. Today, Solana developers officially announced the reason for this attack. As it turned out, the addresses affected by the attackers were related to the Slope mobile application. “Following an investigation by developers, the ecosystem team, and security auditors, it was determined that the affected addresses were created, imported, or used in the Slope mobile wallet app,” the Solana team said. The representatives of Slope confirmed the information. They said that hackers broke into and compromised a group of their private keys. Some of the victims of the hack are even the company's employees.


Crypto-ATMs will reappear in Japan

In Japan, crypto-ATMs will be installed again. The initiator was the local exchange Gaia.Co. ATMs will reportedly support BTC, ETH, BCH, and LTC, to begin with. Later, the list of supported cryptocurrencies is likely to be expanded. The company said that the first cryptocurrency terminals will appear in Tokyo and Osaka. It is planned to launch about 50 cryptomats during the year. And over the next three years, with a successful course of events, the number of cryptomats will grow to 130 machines. Local media reports that this is the first time in the country that a local exchange has installed crypto ATMs. To withdraw funds, users need to get a special card, and for this, register with the company. After that, customers will be able to send crypto assets to an account via a smartphone, and then withdraw funds in fiat. For 1 transaction, you can withdraw no more than $747 (100,000 Japanese yen). The daily withdrawal limit will be $2,243 (300,000 yen). The limited is part of the anti-money laundering (AML) measures.