Crypto Market Overview December 03rd | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview December 03rd | Dex-Trade

Cryptocurrencies Occupy About Half of The Place in The Investment Portfolios of Russian Amateur Investors

Alternative investments, including crypto, real estate and antiques, represent more than half of the portfolios of unqualified investors in the RF, according to a fresh poll from At the same time, it is digital currencies that are leading among all the options mentioned. 46% of 1,000 respondents see Bitcoin and altcoins as a hedge investment for the future. Another 37% of those alternative asset seekers consider buying real estate as an effective investment. If we talk about classic market assets, then about 47% of participants said that they consider gold to be a reliable instrument, especially during the crisis. And 27% of those surveyed admitted that they have never invested in the precious metal, as they prefer to invest in stocks and bonds instead. According to the analyst of the investment company Exante, Vladimir Ananyev, the most popular digital asset among Russian investors is Bitcoin, but the popularity of altcoins is growing exponentially. As for the specific amounts, according to approximate calculations, from $300 to $500 billion are concentrated in the wallets of investors from the RF.


Jack Dorsey Steps Down as Twitter CEO and Goes Crypto

The legend of global entrepreneurship and founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, on Monday announced his departure from the post of CEO of the company and just a couple of days later confirmed rumors that he intends to closely engage in his cryptocurrency projects. On Wednesday, Dorsey announced the rebranding of his new brainchild Square Inc., which will henceforth be called Block. The changes also affected the cryptocurrency subsidiary of the Square Crypto business, which was renamed Spiral. According to the entrepreneur, "Square Crypto has never been the best name for our project." The reason for the changes was the need to separate the legal entity (Block) from its subsidiaries. The company's management intends to sever direct ties with its corporate sponsor. This will allow Spiral to work autonomously and not be associated with its "cradle" at every stage of development. For 2022, Spiral announced work on projects such as the Lightning Development Kit (LDK) and Bitcoin Development Kit (BDK), as well as the launch of a grant program and a design guide for the Bitcoin community. Spiral has long set out to make it easy to add the Lightning Network to all of its designs, and these projects seem to be geared towards exactly that goal.


Germany's New Kansler is Not Against Cryptocurrencies

After 16 years of Chancellor Angela Merkel's rule, Germany is gradually adapting to the new government of Olaf Scholz, which sets itself the task of full-scale digitalization of the country and sets out its theses in a 177-page program, where quite a lot of bets are placed on digital currencies. “We need a new dynamic in relation to the opportunities and risks from new financial innovations, crypto assets, and business models. We advocate a level playing field with equal competitive conditions within the [European Union], between traditional and innovative business models and towards large digital companies.” — says the document. It is already known that the Scholz government will focus on tightening the rules for the digital asset industry. But this is rather a good sign. The Chancellor intends to work with other countries and regional regulators to oversee the digital asset sector. The politician also said that Germany needs close oversight of the crypto sector, so his team intends to oblige crypto service providers to openly announce the beneficiaries of the companies.