Crypto Market Overview March 3rd | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview March 3rd | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview – March 3rd, 2022


Anonymous Are Offering BTC for Every Russian Tank Give Up

The largest hacker group Anonymous, known for its sabotage against tyrannical states since 2003, continues to destabilize the mood in the ranks of the Russian army and offers the Russian occupying forces to surrender their tanks in exchange for $52,000 in bitcoin for each unit of such equipment. This is reported by Nulltx. To receive the promised money, the soldiers must hang white flags on the tanks, and when handing over the equipment, the Swiss password is “million” (apparently, then, that $52,000 in Russian rubles is now about 5 million). By the way, according to the hackers themselves, more than ₽1 billion (that is, about $10 million) was collected for the "action" for the delivery of tanks. In turn, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine also announced that it would grant an amnesty to all the military of the Russian Federation who voluntarily lay down their arms and surrender. However, this does not apply to artillery groups that attacked residential areas of Ukrainian cities. Recall that the appeal of Anonymous dated February 26, addressed personally to the President of the Russian Federation, turned out to be a fake, as representatives of the hacker group announced through their official channels. However, just two days after its publication, it became known that a cyber group was involved in leaking the database of the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense. It's important to understand that Anonymous works more like managers, bringing together many caring IT professionals around the world for a common idea.


Airdrop From the Ukrainian Government is Canceled: NFT Distribution is Planned Instead

The authorities of Ukraine, which was attacked by Russian troops, announced the cancellation of the airdrop for people who made charitable contributions in support of the Ukrainian people. Instead, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorov, said that instead they plan to issue NFTs, which will be distributed to existing and new donors. “After careful consideration, we decided to cancel airdrop. Every day there are more and more people willing to help Ukraine to fight back the aggression. Instead, we will announce NFTs to support Ukrainian Armed Forces soon. We DO NOT HAVE any plans to issue any fungible tokens.” — Fedorov said. However, there is no information about how the distribution of NFTs will take place, as well as what dates they are scheduled for. It is also not yet known which tokens will be issued for donors. However, Fedorov promised to clarify all the data closer to the airdrop. Recall that the cancellation of the event could be related to the criticism of the donors themselves, some of whom considered that such an event might resemble one of the “profits from the war” scenarios.