Crypto Market Overview May 2nd | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview May 2nd | Dex-Trade

Ukrainian Soccer Team Shakhtar Will Launch a Charity NFT Sale

The Shakhtar soccer club from the Russian-occupied Ukrainian city Donetsk announced a partnership with the Binance NFT platform to launch the sale of a tokenized collection consisting of 9 team-signed t-shirts under the “Football for Peace” initiative, the proceeds from the sale of which will go to support Ukrainian children affected by the military aggression of the RF. The auction will start on May 7 and will last for a week. In parallel with it, Shakhtar's management will organize friendly matches with other soccer clubs, allocating additional funds from the sale of tickets for the games to the general fund. The Mystery Boxes NFT project will also join the initiative, as part of which the sale of 10,000 tokens at a price of 10 BUSD on the Binance NFT Marketplace was announced on May 7th. The proceeds from the Mystery Boxes auction will be donated to the Shakhtar Social Fund and the Binance Charity Fund. The money will go to help Ukrainian citizens in need of humanitarian assistance. Recall that since the very first day of the russian military invasion of Ukraine, the country's authorities and humanitarian organizations have increasingly relied on donations in cryptocurrency. With their help, hundreds of millions dollars have already been raised to support the country's defense capability, combat the humanitarian crisis, rescue animals and purchase medicines.


Wikipedia no Longer Accepts Donations in Cryptocurrencies

After three months of discussions between Wikipedia editors and members of the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) community, who are responsible for making decisions in managing the online encyclopedia, it was decided to stop accepting donations from project connoisseurs in BTC, ETH, BCH cryptocurrencies, which have been accepted since 2014. Supporters of the ban on donations in digital assets argued their position by saying that cryptocurrencies do not have a stable value, their mining is harmful to the environment, and the online encyclopedia suffers reputational losses due to the acceptance of crypto, since in this way it indirectly approves any digital money, nothing talking about the risks that may be associated with them. In a document to stop crypto donating, the Wikimedia Foundation clarified that it has been accepting digital donations in accordance with the requests of "volunteers and donors" for eight years. The Wikimedia Foundation is currently closing its Bitpay account, making it impossible for the organization to directly accept cryptocurrencies as a donation method. However, the organization also states that the issue of crypto donations remains open. WMF also responded that donations in digital assets totaled just over $130,000 last year, or 0.08% of the organization's total revenue. The most commonly used cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, and all donations received were instantly converted into fiat US dollars.


Another “Crushing Blow” to Bitcoin from Warren Buffett: He Would Not Buy BTC Even for $25

At Berkshire Hathaway's annual shareholder meeting, the company's CEO and "old-school"investor Warren Buffett stated that cryptocurrency is not a productive asset and does not produce anything tangible, stressing that he would never buy cryptocurrency even if it was trading at $25. “If you told me you had every Bitcoin in the world and sold it to me for $25, I would decline because I have no idea what I would do with it. I’d have to sell it back to you somehow.” — said the entrepreneur in an interview with CNBC. Indeed, it’s very likely that Buffett simply does not understand what to do with crypto, while some of his companies are quite successful in buying digital assets into their funds. “I’m not sure whether it [BTC] will increase or decrease in the next year, five or 10 years. However, one thing I am fairly certain of is that it does not create anything… It possesses a magical quality, and many things have been endowed with magical properties.” Buffett's statements about crypto have long been a specific genre of cringe, but apparently, he just can't stop.