Protecting You: Important Notice from Dex-Trade Team!

Protecting You: Important Notice from Dex-Trade Team!

Dear Dex-Traders, due to the increasing number of cases of cryptocurrency fraud, we want to protect and warn you:

1. Our platform has no employees (advisors) to help with cryptocurrency trading.

2. Do not give anyone access to your account or your mail.

3. Our employees do not call our users, our employees use official communication channels:
Official Email - [email protected]
Official Telegram channel -
Online chat and feedback form on the website -
Official Telegram bot for communication with support service operators - @‌dextradecom_bot

4. You can always verify the identity of our platform employee by contacting our official technical support:
Telegram channel -
Write to our official email - [email protected]
Write to the online chat -
Write to the official Telegram bot - @‌dextradecom_bot

5. When registering an account,  you do not enter a phone number, so our platform does not have access to user phone numbers, and accordingly,  Dex-Trade representatives do not call customers!

Important  information! Dex-Trade does not use the services of consulting companies and communication with clients takes place exclusively in text format through above mentioned official communication channels.

We wish you profitable and, most importantly, safe trading.

Love and peace to everyone from Dex-Trade Team