DEX-Trade presents the Bug Bounty program on HackenProof.

DEX-Trade presents the Bug Bounty program on HackenProof.

DEX-Trade presents the Bug Bounty program on HackenProof. Report bugs to us and earn money


DEX-Trade is a cryptocurrency trading platform that is constantly evolving, improving, supplementing with new services and steadily growing in world rankings. One of the main areas in which deep development is constantly being carried out is data security and system fault tolerance. The development team is constantly working on this issue. But one thing is a professional and targeted search for errors, and quite another - their native detection in the process of use. Take a fresh look at the functionality of DEX-Trade, help us become even more perfect and get a decent reward for it! To motivate users for feedback, as well as to improve the quality of services (both in a technical and human sense), the exchange launched a public Bug Bounty program. HackenProof is a partner of the initiative.


About the Bug Bounty Program and the HackenProof Project

The Bug Bounty program offered by DEX-Trade and HackenProof assumes that the amount you earn from finding bugs will depend on the severity of the discovered bug. The rewards are distributed in the following way:

  • Critical bug: $ 1000- $ 3000  
  • High: $500–$1,000
  • Medium: $200-$500
  • Low: $50 - $200


You can read more about the program and terms of participation here:


HackenProof and DEX-Trade are the same age. Like DEX-Trade, the project was founded at the end of 2017. It is now a vital element of the Hacken cybersecurity product ecosystem. HackenProof is a platform hosting bug bounty programs offered by blockchain companies. These can be cryptocurrency exchanges, DeFi platforms, industry resources. HackenProof has a track record of collaborating with such prominent brands as Avalanche, CoinGecko,, Kalmar, and others.

Learn more about HackenProof on their official pages:


About DexTrade

The mission of the DexTrade company is not only to become the world's leading exchange but also to provide comfort and security to all users. This applies to both young traders who are at the very start of conquering the crypto space and skilled "sharks" of digital trading. The platform is also perfect for listing your tokens, new cryptocurrency projects. The high level of user protection is confirmed by SecExpert and GDPR security certificates. Beginners will like the risk-free demo trading service, where you can try out all modern market instruments without putting your assets at risk of a possible failure. At the time of this writing, the Dex-Trade developers are finalizing the training section and sections on margin trading, futures and derivatives. At this point we offer:

  • High level of technical equipment, able to compete with the world's largest exchanges;
  • Safety rating BB according to
  • Round-the-clock technical and information support of its users;
  • A system of free coins and reward programs, as well as exciting tournaments in which you can win solid amounts of cryptocurrencies.
  • Spot trading in more than 200 currency pairs.
  • Full support when listing tokens.


DEX-Trade makes no secret of its ambition to become one of the most prestigious and popular exchanges in the world. To do this, we use an emphasis on usability and security. Entering the territory of our project, the trader is protected by 360 ° - from the legal, technical, software and human sides. Now success in trading will depend only on the skill of the user, the position of his asset and the situation on the market. And this will not interfere with hackers, scammers and other intruders. Of course, security is no guarantee that your trading will be successful. But this is a guarantee that you will not be deceived or robbed. And it means a lot. At the end of 2021, the exchange has passed penetration testing conducted by the Hacken specialists. We are completely satisfied with the result.

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Contribute to our improvement and become a part of a project that will change the world of cryptocurrencies!