Tournament ALICN | Dex-Trade

Tournament ALICN | Dex-Trade



Dear Dex-Traders! 
We are here with new good news!
We are launching a trading tournament on Dex-Trade.

AliCoin Trading Competition, 200 USDT to Give AwayTop 6 ALICN traders will share a pool of 200 USDT based on their ALICN trading volume during the competition period.

1st Place - 100 USDT

2nd Place - 50  USDT

3rd Place - 20 USDT

4th Place - 15 USDT

5th Place - 10  USDT

6th Place - 5 USDT

This includes buys and sells across both ALICN/USDT trading pair.

Terms & Conditions:
 1. Trading volume counts both buys and sells, excluding any wash trades.
2. The prize will be distributed to the winner's account within 7 workdays.
3. Wash trading and any cheating conduct are not allowed.
4. Eligibility to win prizes in the top 6 is to achieve a minimum trading volume worth of 500 ALICN during the tournament If failing to do so prize distribution amount will be reduced proportionally.