AirDrop in crypto: how to get digital money for free

AirDrop in crypto: how to get digital money for free

Every blockchain startup, like any other initiative, needs quality advertising.  This applies equally to new projects that are in search of an audience for their product, and to existing ones.  AirDrop allows you to effectively draw attention to a new cryptocurrency, marketplace or blockchain service.

This material will tell you about the main types of cryptocurrency airdrop, as well as how to become a member of the free assets distribution.


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What is AirDrop


A cryptocurrency airdrop is the distribution of tokens or coins (зачем еще в скобках coins?) directly by their developers, which is carried out to increase interest in a crypto project.  Depending on the conditions of participation in such promotions, you can get coins either completely free of charge, or for fulfilling certain conditions.  Drops occur once and on equal terms for all participants.  In fact, this is the easiest way to get project tokens without participating in initial market and exchange offers, bypassing trading and mining.


Types of airdrops


Since giving away is a mutually beneficial initiative for developers and recipients of coins, the latter often needs to perform a number of simple steps.  Depending on their nature, shares are conventionally divided into three main types.


Airdrops as a result of forks

Forking a cryptocoin is the creation of a new branch of its blockchain, resulting in a new currency.  At the same time, owners of crypto wallets for the separated asset receive old coins on them as part of the AirDrop campaign.  This is an automatic process and requires a digital wallet to participate.


Airdrops as a reward

In some cases, digital money developers pay incentives to disseminate data about their products.  Such promotions can take place both within the ICO or IEO, and outside the initial financial offers.  To get a rewarding AirDrop, sometimes it's enough:

 • repost articles from developers on social networks;

 • subscribe to the project newsletter;

 • independently send materials about the startup in a certain amount.

Also, developers welcome the creation of copyrighted materials about their product, and willingly encourage their distribution.


Payment for the use and storage of coins

In this case, the distribution of coins concerns the owners of the asset, who already have a certain amount of the specified cryptocurrency in their account or in circulation on the exchange.  Payments can be made both with the tokens of the parent project and other digital money, such as Bitcoin or Ether.


How to become an AirDrop member


The conditions for participation in airdrops, as a rule, are published by the blockchain project itself.  Usually, it is enough to register in the project and subscribe to it on social networks and messengers.  Also, it is important to have an active crypto wallet of the specified coin, to which a one-time payment will be made.


Where to look for airdrop data


For information about upcoming giveaways, you should subscribe to a number of cryptocurrency forums.  The most informative sites that tell you about where and how to get cryptocurrency are the Tokens Marketplace, Bitcointalk and AirdropAlert sites.  They allow you to track the emergence of new shares, and also include data about the airdrops already held.




Cryptocurrency is already considered one of the most promising assets today, and the opportunity to get it for free seems very attractive.  But here, too, one should not forget about caution.  On the one hand, not all cryptocurrency startups are successful.  On the other hand, the personal data of AirDrop members may be used incorrectly.  Therefore, before taking part in the distribution of digital coins, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself in detail with the project data.