Reduced Trading Fees

By choosing to pay with DXU tokens, users can enjoy a significant 20% reduction in spot trading fees. This cost-saving benefit enhances trading experiences and allows users to optimize their transactions within the Dex-Trade ecosystem.

Exclusive VIP Program Access

DXU token holders have the opportunity to participate in the VIP program, which offers lower fees on spot trading and other premium benefits. This program provides additional value and perks to loyal users who are actively engaged in the platform.

Bonus Incentives

As DXU token holders, users can invite friends to join the Dex-Trade ecosystem and receive instant DXU bonuses as a reward. This referral incentive encourages community growth while offering a tangible benefit to both new and existing users of the platform.

DXU Token Mission

The DXU token was created to enhance the user experience within the Dex-Trade exchange, making it more convenient for users to access various services such as spot trading fee payments and bonus accruals for different activities on the platform. As the ecosystem expands, there will be even more opportunities to utilize DXU and unlock its full potential.


Buy DXU instantly from your account balance

Write off
Available: -- USDT
Мін: 10.00 USDT
Ціна: 1 DXU = 1 USDT
Will be credited: 10 DXU

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