QZKCoin Tournament

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10 places

Prize Pool
149,500 QZK
Start Time
8/27/2021 3:00:
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End Time
9/10/2021 8:59:
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QZKCoin Trading Competition, ~150 000 QZK to Give Away

Top 10 QZK traders will share a pool of ~150 000 QZK based on their QZK trading volume during the competition period.


1st Place - 50 000 QZK

2nd Place - 25 000 QZK

3rd Place - 15 000 QZK

4th - 10th Place - 8 500 QZK


 This includes buys and sells across both QZK/USDT, QZK/BTC, QZK/ETH trading pairs.


Terms & Conditions:
1.Trading volume counts both buys and sells, excluding any wash trades.

2.The prize will be distributed to winner's account within 7 workdays.

3.Wash trading and any cheating conduct not allowed

4. Eligibility to win prizes in top 10 is to achieve minimum trading volume worth $500 in 14 days. If fail to do so prize distribution amount will be reduced proportionally.


Place Reward (QZK)
1 50,000.00000
2 25,000.00000
3 15,000.00000
4 8,500.000000
5 8,500.000000
6 8,500.000000
7 8,500.000000
8 8,500.000000
9 8,500.000000
10 8,500.000000


Trading competition conditions:

By clicking "Participate", you agree to the following terms:

1.  Anyone registered on the platform can take part in the trading tournament. Registration link: https://dex-trade.com/sign-up

2.  Each trading competition on Dex-Trade starts and ends on the dates specified for each competition.

3.  For each contest, the trading volume of users will be taken into account only for the trading pairs indicated on the contest page.

4.  The trading volume is calculated as the total of all buy and sell orders executed by the user for a specific trading pair (s) during the competition period.

5.  Dex-Trade reserves the right to suspend a user from participating in a trading competition if he:

- uses fictitious trading (trades with itself, executing its own orders);

- uses trading bots;

- uses multi-accounts (only one account per participant is allowed);

- carries out any other activity not provided for by the Dex-Trade Terms and Conditions and the User Agreement.


Dex-Trade reminds that digital asset markets and trading operations are subject to significant risk.

Dex-Trade does not recommend, endorse, protect or act as a guarantor of any digital assets, trading pairs or transactions present on the platform.

Do not consider the content is motivation or cashback offer.

Dex-Trade is not responsible for any direct, indirect or other damages of any kind or losses as a result of trade competition or any transaction.