Join Our May Day Telegram Comments Challenge!

Join Our May Day Telegram Comments Challenge!

May Day is traditionally a time to celebrate work and workers' rights, but at Dex-Trade, we’re also celebrating dreams and aspirations within the burgeoning crypto industry! As part of our May Day celebrations, we’re inviting you to participate in a special Telegram Comments Challenge.


How to Participate:

Simply go to our Telegram channel and tell us about your current job and the dream job you’d love to have in the world of cryptocurrency. Whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned enthusiast, your story matters to us!



We’re giving away 2 USDT to 15 random participants who share their professional stories and dreams with us.


Selection Process:

Winners will be chosen randomly and announced on 08/05/24. It’s a fantastic way to get involved, share your journey, and possibly win some crypto to boost your aspirations!


Call to Action:

Don’t wait! Visit our Telegram to share your story and enter the challenge. Who knows? Your dream crypto job might be closer than you think.


Join the Challenge Now!


Let's inspire and get inspired this May Day!