PRCY is listed on Dex-Trade

PRCY is listed on Dex-Trade



PRCY Coin  (PRCY) is listed on Dex-Trade
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PRCY is a privacy blockchain with a focus on security, scalability and total privacy.
The PRCY protocol has been built in a fully anonymous staking coin and payment system with a trustless governance structure, based upon the latest privacy technologies.

The PRCY protocol is based on the latest privacy technologies. It includes an anonymous staking coin and payment system with a fully decentralized governance structure.

PRCY includes better privacy technologies such as Bulletproof, Haprocates Protocol, obligatory stealth addresses and transactions, Ring CT, and Ring Signatures in a staking chain. Staking, running master nodes, and mining PoA (Proof of audit) blocks are all feasible using PRCY.

Critical Features Of PRCY coin:
Some of the critical features of the PRCY coin are as follows:

RingCT, or “Ring Confidential Transaction,” combines an actual transaction with a set of false transactions. The amount of extra bogus transactions is determined by the Ring size. This implies that the actual transaction is concealed among a slew of fraudulent transactions, making genuine marketing and its value considerably more challenging to discover.
Bulletproofs are non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs that don’t require any trusted setup. They may be used to persuade a verifier that an encrypted plaintext is correctly formed. Demonstrate that an encrypted number falls inside a specific range without exposing anything else.
Stealth addresses are required. To conceal addresses, PRCY employs a dual-key mechanism to provide stealth addresses, and a private key pair yields a public address to view spendings.
Payment ID, which is commonly used by exchanges, may be used in a public address.

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