PALG Trading Competition, $2600 to Give Away


To celebrate successful launch and Listing of PALG  on Dex-trade. Dex-trade and PALG team is giving away 2600$ as a prize to its customers for this Trading Competition 



To participate in the tournament, follow the link


On the page that opens, click the "Start" button:


and on the tournament page, click the "Participate" button:


 Only from this moment will your trades be taken into account in the standings.



This trading Competition will last from
 2021/07/08 8:00 AM  to 2021/07/18 23:59 pm (UTC).


Top 10 PALG  traders will share a pool of $2600 based on their PALG trading volume during the competition period.

1st Place -$1000
2nd Place -$500
3rd Place- $300
4th Place- $200
5th Place- $150
6th Place - $125
7th Place-$100
8th- 10th Place - $75


 This includes buys and sells across both PALG/BTC, PALG/ETH, PALG/TRX and PALG/USDT trading pairs


Terms & Conditions:

1.Trading volume counts both buys and sells, excluding any wash trades.
2.The prize will be distributed to winner's account within 7 workdays.
3.Wash trading and any cheating conduct not allowed
4. Eligibility to win prizes in top 10 is to achieve minimum trading volume worth $2000 in 10 days. If fail to do so prize distribution amount will be reduced proportionally.



Published: 2021-07-07