Welcome the New Year I Dex-Trade

Welcome the New Year I Dex-Trade

Welcome the New Year I Dex-Trade


In this video, we decided to sum up the most significant moments in the crypto world during 2021 and thank you for being with us all this time. Let`s celebrate the passing year and get a fresh start together.

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New Year 2022 on DexTrade: Surprising the Tiger with upgrade


Summing up and revealing the veil of secrecy over the plans for 2022


Just like the lights on a Christmas tree are lit, DexTrade lights up new bright and colorful ideas and features for you to make your trading easy, professional and successful. The Tiger is already at our door, and we have something to brag about. Let's summarize what we have done for you and what else we will do in 2022.


What is already done:


  1. We gave a "second wind" to our referral program. A complete modernization of the program helps to accrue bonuses at lightning speed, and you can immediately see them in your personal account.

  2. Added news headings. Now you can always keep your finger on the pulse of important, funny and disturbing events in the world of cryptocurrencies. You also have access to professional analytics from our experts and informed forecasts of cryptocurrency trends. Find news here: https://dex-trade.com/news/list/1

  3. Demo trading has been taken to the next level. Are you a beginner and do not want to risk real assets until you get comfortable in the raging sea of ​​crypt? Welcome to the updated universe of demo trading! Going here: https://dex-trade.com/demo/trading, you will find that the pairs are now working in full accordance with similar pairs on the spot. Fully recreated market conditions without risking your funds. And now we are working on the development of the main page of this section, which will contain a detailed description and supporting information. DexTrade takes care of its newbies. We believe in you and wish you to become mega successful traders in 2022!

  4. The functionality of supporting the listing of new coins has become broader and more modern. Check out our efforts here. https://dex-trade.com/listing. Soon a separate section will be created with all the materials and tools for a successful listing and competent promotion of a new coin or token. Join us to create cryptocurrency history together. 

  5. Warmly upporting freecoins, we have worked on modernizing their functionality. Now it has become even easier and more profitable. See how it works: https://dex-trade.com/free-coins


New Year brings a New Functionality!


We have dealt with the upgrade of existing functions. But let's summarize what was new on DexTrade by the end of 2021. The Tiger will be pleasantly surprised to learn that:


  1. Cryptocurrencies are not boring! Added a section with games https://dex-trade.com/games. Our developers are now preparing the possibility of replenishing the game balance.

  2. We now have an IEO. Now this process has become clearer than a sparkling piece of ice for you. IEO DexTrade has become more efficient for both clients and coin owners.

  3. Added order type Stop-Limit. We protect you from negative balance and provide a guaranteed stop loss according to all international standards.

  4. For users who are not accustomed to losing and strive for enrichment and triumph, we have opened the Tournaments section (https://dex-trade.com/tournaments/list/1. Here is a real adrenaline rush and a decent prize pool.