Investing using exchanges VS traditional ways

There is a big difference between investing your money in projects using exchanges like Dex-trade and investing in interest funds, mutual funds or other types of investments offered by traditional banks.

This is something that all people should know. When you invest in a project via exchange you can clearly understand exactly in which type of project you are investing your money. You can easily get information about all the characteristics, functionalities and projections of the project itself. Also another great difference with respect to the traditional banks, is that you are automatically becoming a part of the project's community, where you can be informed of each step that the project is taking. 

Another difference that should be highlighted, is that generous profits are possible in a very short time. 

And finally another great difference and the most important for us, is that within an exchange people have economic freedom where they can decide to trade their token of those projects, invest in other promising projects, exchange them for other currencies and even if they decide to liquidate their token they can also do it. And they can do it very easily through an online platform, and have the option to exchange it for almost any country fiat currencies in the world with very low commission.

We want our users to invest in new projects safely and efficiently.

That’s why Dex-Trade is about to release a secure and credible alternative of investing in projects - our own IEO Launchpad! It is a safe, convenient and promising way of investing.

So stay tuned and follow our updates!

Have a great trading time with Dex-Trade!

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Published: 2020-01-15