Coronavirus has downed the economy of the whole world and it is a fact that this will bring a great economic recession. In Dex-Trade we are sure that even will bring consequences of superior order, since the delay in the economy could stop important scientific progress in all areas, like biology, health, engineering, physics, etc.

By an incredible coincidence during these days the Federal Reserve has just announced that "unlimited printing of cash has been decided”, which means that the USD will not be a sustainable currency anymore. 


On the other hand, the central bank said that it will buy an unlimited amount of bonds to keep the cost of borrowing low to face the crisis.


What is happening with the economy, and why is the response of governments and institutions so ridiculously bad so far?  


These solutions are a short-term fix, but in the long run they will become a ticking bomb. The current financial system is broken, and these decisions will bring an unsustainable crisis and as a result in the near future there will be a total collapse of the world's debt due to inflation. And no one will be saved therefore it will affect everyone.


This will bring an end to the world economy as we know it nowadays, and when it is finally time to rebuild and restore the global economic model, Blockchain technology could be the way forward building a new era of digital currencies.


Bitcoin and other crypto currencies could boost the economy in every market, in every corner of the world, providing accessibility to everyone. Also blockchain and bitcoin offer great financial freedom, as they are the only free markets in the world.

Published: 2020-04-16