Crypto Market Overview March 30th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview March 30th | Dex-Trade

Ukraine Seeks to Become a Blockchain Partner of EU

Members of the public association "Virtual Assets of Ukraine" and the inter-factional association of Ukrainian deputies Blockchain4Ukraine want to achieve full membership of Ukraine in the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP), calling on EU institutions to allow their country to participate in the initiative. Letters with the appeal have already been sent to the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, her head of cabinet Bjorn Seibert and Anthony Whelan, who works as an adviser on digital policy to the executive body in Brussels. According to the authors of the initiative, blockchain technology can make a significant contribution to the reconstruction of Ukraine by facilitating the provision of cross-border services after the victory over putin's troops. And such rhetoric is quite fair, since Ukraine was the leader in the implementation of cryptocurrency in Eastern Europe and was actively developing its own regulatory policy until the insane Russian dictator decided to unleash a large-scale war on the territory of the country. Recall that back in February, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the bill "On Virtual Assets", which was approved and signed by President Volodymyr Zelensky in mid-March.


The Deputy Minister of the Treasury of the United States Reminded Crypto Exchanges of Sanctions Against the RF

Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, Wally Adeyemo, warned the leadership of cryptocurrency exchanges and financial institutions that if they wish to help Russian officials and organizations bypass global sanctions against the Russian Federation due to the war in Ukraine, the US authorities will detect this and take appropriate punitive measures. Adeyemo stressed that the US authorities will hold accountable any organizations that try to help Russia evade financial sanctions: “We will come and we will find you, and we will ensure that Russia does not have the ability to get around the sanctions that we have put in place in order to make it harder for them to prosecute the illegitimate war that they have in Ukraine.” The American official believes that Russia has so far failed to circumvent financial restrictions through cryptocurrency trading platforms or other trading platforms. However, he suggested that the largest country in terms of territory will continue to try and will use all possible scenarios. By the way, the US Treasury already has experience in holding cryptocurrency exchanges accountable. For example, in September last year, a state agency sanctioned the Czech marketplace Suex for supporting operations related to “illicit proceeds from at least eight ransomware variants.” Later Adeyemo said that 40% of the known transactions of the exchange, one way or another, are connected with criminals.


Visa's Creator Program Will Help Artists Transition to NFTs

Payments company Visa has launched the Creator Program, which will support selected artists, musicians, fashion designers and filmmakers to grow their businesses using NFTs. This is a one-year training program aimed at cultivating a "global cohort of artists" who are integrating into the NFT market to take their business to the next level of information. The company will provide support in the form of technical and product mentoring, community building, access to influencers, getting to know Visa clients and partners, as well as a one-time scholarship. One of the first participants in the Creator Program was former professional baseball player Micah Johnson, who after completing his sports career, moved into the NFT field from painting. Last year, he launched his own NFT character called Aku. The head of Visa's crypto department, Kew Sheffield, emphasized that NFTs can be a powerful catalyst for artists' businesses in any field. That's why the Creator program is committed to helping this new generation of small and micro businesses master the new means of digital commerce.