Crypto Market Overview December 22nd | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview December 22nd | Dex-Trade

Musk Attacks: Following Criticism of Web3, The Word "Metaverse" Got Under The Hot Hand of a Billionaire

Once again, the Tesla CEO is angry at new terms, the meaning of which he does not understand, but considers them meaningless. This time a sad fate befell the word "metaverse", in the idea of which he, as expected, does not believe. “I don’t know if I necessarily buy into this metaverse stuff, although people talk to me a lot about it… I’m currently unable to see a compelling metaverse situation or Web 3 sounds like more marketing than reality. I don’t get it, and maybe I will, but I don’t get it yet.” — Musk said in a recent interview with Babylon Bee.. The main argument of the businessman is that he has not yet seen people who in the future would like to leave the real, physical world in order to live in the virtual. In his opinion, the word "Neurolink" (meaning Musk's neurotechnology company) sounds much more interesting than web3 and metaverse. In addition, the entrepreneur claims that his brain implant technology will provide people with a more realistic and productive virtual reality model. “In the long term, a sophisticated Neuralink could put you fully into virtual reality. I think we’re far from disappearing into the metaverse, this sounds just kind of buzzwordy.” — Musk summed up.


The Rise of The Bitcoin Wallet After 8 Years of Wandering in Obscurity

For several months in a row, crypto enthusiasts have been monitoring the appearance of old wallet addresses on the Bitcoin network, which were previously considered lost. Recently, another address appeared, which has been inactive since 2013, but it has 321 BTC on its account, which at the current exchange rate is equivalent to about $15 million. This seems to be one of the best illustrations of the effectiveness of hodling strategy, since at the time of the deactivation of the address, crypto-gold was trading at less than $500 per coin. The "awakening" of the wallet was detected by the trackers of the Whale Alert service, which was immediately reported on their Twitter account. The wallet has not been used for three years after the disappearance of the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto, and the 321 BTC amount seems to have caught the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Now there are rumors in the crypto community that the wallet may belong to a whale, which will soon be using this amount in order to somehow negatively affect the market. According to other versions, activation of the address means that the trader has finally remembered his original login phrase or one of the Silk Road users has been released from prison. Proponents of the most exotic explanation believe that it’s Nakamoto himself who sends the signs to the crypto community: "3..2..1 ...".


British ASA vs. Arsenal Football Team Fan Tokens

The British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which has been hyping to ban the promotions of crypto companies for about half a year, has accused Arsenal Football Club fan token advertisements on its official website and Facebook because they “misleading” fans and do not explain the risks associated with the asset. These are two announcements posted on the team's website in August. According to the government agency, there is no information in the advertisement about the potential tax implications of buying tokens and that digital assets are not regulated by the government of the country. In turn, representatives of the football club announced that they would seek to reconsider the revision of the charges and would certainly comply with the requirements of the regulator. “We carefully considered the communications to fans regarding our promotions and provided information regarding financial risks,” — said a team spokesperson. The speaker also said that they take their fans as seriously as possible and will adhere to this principle in the future. Honestly.