Crypto Market Overview April 19th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview April 19th | Dex-Trade

Ethereum Foundation Publishes Information About Its Assets for The First Time

The non-profit organization Ethereum Foundation (EF), which developed, launched and maintains the network of the largest altcoin ETH, for the first time in history disclosed details of its treasury holdings in a public financial report, which says that the company owns $1.6 billion in crypto and classical assets. The document says that the vast majority of this amount, namely $1.294 billion or 80.5% of the entire treasury of the organization, is stored in Ether (ETH). This amount is impressive even in terms of the total volume of crypto-silver and represents almost 0.3% of all digital currency coins as of the last day of March. By the way, already now 39,168 ETH (a little more $119 million) has been allocated by the organization to encourage its customers. Another $11 million, or 0.7% of EF's treasury, is held in other cryptocurrencies, but the report does not specify which coins are used for holding. But the remaining $302 million, which corresponds to 18.8% of the organization's savings, is contained in non-cryptocurrency assets. This part of the funds is immune to changes in the price of ETH over a significant period of time and serves as an investment cushion. It’s noteworthy that EF also did not specify what kind of non-cryptocurrency assets it has at its disposal, but, in response to the increase in the price of ETH, the fund disclosed plans to increase these assets in order to maintain a higher level of investment security.


US Warns of Bad Intentions of North Korean 'Government Hackers'

The FBI, the US Treasury and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have issued a cybersecurity report warning that North Korean government-sponsored hackers intend to attack cryptocurrency wallets and blockchain networks of international organizations and individuals. The report focuses on specific target areas of the industry, including centralized crypto exchanges, decentralized finance protocols, venture capital funds, and even some sole proprietors of large amounts of crypto assets such as NFTs or fungible tokens. In addition, the US government identifies a group of government-sponsored entities using the tactic of downloading malware into victims' apps to facilitate access to victims' savings. Similar tactics were used by members of the notorious North Korean hacker organization Lazarus Group. And of course, they couldn’t do without the well-known phishing practice TraderTraitor. It unfolds from specific phishing messages that are sent to employees of cryptocurrency companies or IT freelancers. When opening these emails, the victims immediately give attackers access to their personal data.


Hyundai Is The First Automaker With Its Own NFT Community

Hyundai Motor Company has announced plans to release a collection of 30 original tokens in an NFT collection in collaboration with the Meta Kongz brand, making the company the first automaker to enter the NFT market. The automaker released a film about the "Metamobility Universe" where the gorilla character Meta Kongz travels from Earth to the Moon, demonstrating how the new possibilities of mobility help to overcome time and space. By the way, one of the future tokens of the collection appears in the film — a shooting star, which will go on sale in May. “The Hyundai NFT universe will extend the Hyundai brand experience, especially with MZ generation, in a completely new way, further reinforcing our commitment to innovation in both the real world and in the Metaverse. We are extremely excited to introduce “Metamobility” through our own NFTs and start this journey with “Meta Kongz,” — Thomas Schemera — Hyundai’s Global Chief Marketing Officer said. Of course, the NFT collection from Hyundai Motor Company is not the world's first collection of tokens from an automaker. In 2021, Ferrari and McLaren were already selling their tokens to fans. But Hyundai has encroached on the meta universe for the first time, and this is a completely different challenge.