Crypto Market Overview April 18th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview April 18th | Dex-Trade

The Ukrainian Project MetaHistory: Museum of War Launched the Sale of Lots at the NFT Auction

Representatives of the Ukrainian NFT museum MetaHistory: Museum of War, dedicated to the ongoing war against russian invaders in the country, announced the launch of an auction for the sale of 15 lots from the military collection, which will last from April 17 to April 22, 2022. The current series of works also includes the first four from the MetaHistory Warline collection, which was created directly by Ukrainian artists. The authorship of the remaining 11 works belongs to the winners of the selection at the prestigious PROSPECT100 global competition, which is judged by Adrian Joffe, Daniel Arsham, André Saraiva, Stefan Sagmeister, Hiroshi Fujiwara, FuckJerry, and others. Reports that the project, working in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, will use the funds received from the sale of tokens to restore the damaged historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine. It is known that more than a hundred museums, theaters and memorials have already been damaged during the bombing of the country by the occupation troops of putin. By the way, the MetaHistory project recently published fresh updates to its roadmap. In the near future, the first digital museum of war will ensure the NFT merges with its first dropholders, launch the previously announced MetaHistory DAO, and also open an AR/VR gallery.


RFs Association of Banks Proposes to Imprison the Owners of Crypto Wallets

RFs Association of Banks, which currently includes more than 300 banks and financial institutions, has called on the country's legislators to introduce criminal liability for storing digital currency on non-custodial wallets that are not tied to centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. The fact is that the storage of electronic assets on OTC wallets allows users to avoid the mediation of financial organizations as well as third-party monitoring of funds, which virtually eliminates the possibility of blocking or confiscating crypto from its owners. And the banks of the country, apparently, clearly want to deal with such nonsense. By the way, Anatoly Kozlachkov, vice-president of the association, said that the initiators of the appeal had already developed an appropriate method for withdrawing funds stored in personal wallets. By the way, in circulation their owners are immediately referred to as criminals. Probably for convenience. And for dessert. Representatives of the Association of Banks insist on introducing criminal liability for refusal to provide keys to personal crypto-wallets to authorized bodies. The appeal was sent to the Bank of Russia and the Federal Financial Monitoring Service. It will be surprising if it turns out that the document was created just by order of these government agencies.


Attacker Hacked Beanstalk Farms and Sent Part of Money to Help Ukraine

The hacker carried out an exploit of the Beanstalk Farms decentralized protocol, as a result of which $180 million was withdrawn, $250,000 was immediately transferred to the wallet of one of the largest Ukrainian charitable foundations that help the country fight the humanitarian crisis due to the Russian attack. As a result of a hacker attack, the native cryptocurrency Beanstalk Farms (BEAN) dropped in price by more than 80% in a matter of minutes — from $1 to $0.1. The company explained that the exploit was made possible through a "flash loan-assisted (immediate) pass of BIP18, which was submitted one day ago." According to PeckShield, an analytical resource that studies blockchain security, the attacker withdrew the initial means to launch the hack from the Synapse protocol and transferred most of the stolen assets to TornadoCash. By the way, a message from Beanstalk on Discord explains that the attacker knowingly took out a quick loan on Aave and accumulated a significant portion of the project management token (Stalk). This allowed him to transmit a malicious control protocol and send funds to an Ethereum wallet.