Crypto Market Overview June 15th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview June 15th | Dex-Trade

Binance Refugee Issued Nearly 70,000 Crypto Cards to Help Ukrainian Refugees

Between April 26 and June 10, almost 70,000 Ukrainian refugees in Europe received the Binance Refugee Crypto Card, which was issued specifically to help Ukrainian citizens affected by the military aggression of RF’s dictator. Refugee Crypto Card allows you to accept crypto donations and payments from a wide range of institutions. With their help, you can also pay for goods and services of both small retailers and state-owned companies within the European Economic Area. By the way, the card is suitable for receiving social payments and donations from Binance partners. At the moment, 1,700 people have already received them, while the number of applications for partner payments fluctuates around 4,000. Binance is also involved in supporting internally displaced people as part of a project launched jointly with the Ukrainian charitable foundations Palianytsia and Rotary Club Kyiv International. The priority of receiving such support is families with many children and those who have minor children, disabled people and elderly Ukrainians.


“Cryptonight”: Musk again became the cause of “scuffles” on Twitter

This morning, Elon Musk tweeted one word: "Cryptonight," after which 98 million of his followers began to intensively google the news of the cryptocurrency market and argue about the fate of digital assets in the comments. Recall that since the beginning of this week, the crypto market has lost billions of investments, and key cryptocurrencies have fallen in price by an average of 8-10%. This happened due to the general global financial, economic and humanitarian uncertainties and was reflected not only in the cryptocurrency, but also in the classical markets. In a comment thread on Musk's tweet, DOGE co-founder Billy Marcus ironically referred to Bitcoin's current decline as a "store of value." Well-known Bitcoin evangelist and investor Anthony Pompliano asked Musk what he thought about the current state of BTC, but received no response. And Billy Marcus, co-founder of DOGE in 2013, suggested that after the collapse of the cryptocurrency and stock markets, the real estate market will be next in line.


Bill Gates Criticized NFTs and Called Them a Sham

The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, who is known for his skepticism about cryptocurrencies, expressed his opinion about NFTs and called non-fungible tokens a scam. According to Gates, investing in NFTs is investing in a “greater fool theory.” The philanthropist believes that people who spend a fortune on images of monkeys will end up being scammed by someone else. In addition, they are unlikely to ever be able to return their funds. Gates also said that he is sympathetic to the loss of money in this market, especially when it comes to digital art speculation. However, it does not have any intrinsic value, he says, but rather depends on momentary buying decisions. The businessman is sure that people should be careful with their money when investing in NFTs. Recall that Gates has previously criticized the use of cryptocurrencies due to cases of money laundering and terrorist financing. He concluded that people using cryptocurrencies do so only because they want to get rich quick and do not understand the technology.


MicroStrategy Did Not Receive a Margin Call on Loans for the Purchase of Bitcoin

The largest bitcoin hodler and developer of analytical solutions, MicroStrategy, denies receiving a margin call on a loan secured by Bitcoins and says that it will be able to withstand high market volatility even despite the fall of the flagship crypto to $20,000. Recall that yesterday the news was actively spreading on Twitter that the company liquidated $103 million on a credit margin call due to a sharp market decline in prices for major crypto assets. Meanwhile, MicroStrategy shares are down 3.1% in the past 24 hours in premarket trading and are down 24% during the week. At the same time, as of June 13, MicroStrategy's unrealized losses in Bitcoins exceeded $1 billion, and so far this information has not been commented on.